MD61X DMR Business Digital Mobile Radio


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This radio is for users engaged in commerce and industry, such as in taxis, freight cars, and school buses. It is thin and stylish. It is made of rugged aluminum alloy. Meanwhile, a palm microphone is supplied for easy operation. In addition, it is compatible with both analog and digital modes.

Destaques de MD61X

A&D Auto Detect

Compatible with analog conventional and digital conventional modes Allow MD61X to simultaneously monitor analog and digital modes and automatically respond in each mode. It is an easy way for migration to digital from analog.

Long-range Communication

With 50W output power and higher RX sensitivity, the MD61X dramatically extends the communication coverage.

Pseudo trunk

Several talk groups share the same frequency , and each one of them can dynamically chose to use one of the slots to talk . This is a two-slot-trunked mode While time-slot 1 is busy , MD61X will use time-slot 2 to transmit.

GPS and Bluetooth (Option)

With an external GPS module and GPS antenna , MD61X can upload its realtime position to AVL applications.Built-in Bluetooth supports MD61X to have wireless audio accessories and extemal PTT device connected.

Especificações de MD61X

Faixa de Frequências VHF:136-174MHz
Capacidade do Canal 48
Capacidade da zona 3
Tensão de operação 13.6V±15%
Consumo de corrente (Repouso) around 0.3A
Drenagem de corrente(transmitir) < 1 A
Consumo de corrente (recepção) 1W<3A 25W<8A 45W<12A 5W<5A
Dimensões(A×L×P) mm 164*43*150mm
Peso 1100g
Visor Digital display
Sensibilidade(Analógico) 0.22μV (12dB SIN AD); 0.4μV (20dB SIN AD); 0.3μV (12dB SIN AD)
Sensibilidade(Digital) 0.28μV/BER 5%
Potência nominal de saída de áudio(externo) outer(@8 ohm load) 8W
Máx. Potência de saída de áudio(Interno) Inner(@16 ohm olad)6W
Máx. Potência de saída de áudio(Externo) Outer(@8 ohm load)12W
Potência de saída de RF low power 1-25W(UHF&VHF); high power 5-45W(UHF)5-50W(VHF)
Tipo de vocoder digital AMBE+2™/SELP
Temperatura de operação -30℃~+60℃
Proteção contra água e pó IP54 standard
Umidade MIL-STD-810 G standard
Vibração,Queda&Choque MIL-STD-810 G standard
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