Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radios with RoIP Solution Enhance Public Safety Response Efficiency


Hytera multi-mode advanced radios with RoIP solution provide public safety personnel with a vital tool to help them carry out their jobs more efficiently. Hytera RoIP solution based on the convergent broadband and narrowband platform deliver both multi-network roaming and fast broadband services such as video calling.  

First responders are facing growing challenges worldwide from public safety crises such as terrorist attacks and pandemics, as well as environmental disasters like wildfires and floods. Public safety personnel must be able to respond quickly and effectively to these challenges. Hytera multi-mode advanced RoIP-enabled radios fulfill this need. These smart, easy-to-use radios reduce workloads and allow public safety personnel to concentrate on the tasks that matter most.

What is RoIP

Traditional narrowband professional mobile radio (PMR) networks often have limited coverage and they are unable to support rich multimedia broadband communications, which are increasingly in demand by emergency services and mission-critical communications users. However, mission-critical instant push-to-talk (PTT) voice services still play an essential role in the daily work of public safety personnel. The solution is to deploy Hytera multi-mode advanced radios that retain mission-critical voice communication, but which also support the new broadband applications public safety organizations want to access.

Hytera RoIP solution, a form of Voice over IP (VoIP) with mission-critical PTT feature, combined with Hytera HyTalk Pro and narrowband trunking system provides an intelligent platform to deliver integrated narrowband mission-critical one-to-one and one-to-multiple voice services, and a wide range of multimedia broadband services such as video calls, video pulling, multimedia message and mobile internet access over 3G, 4G, WLAN and private LTE networks. This deep integration delivers a unified communication experience and a more luxurious convergent experience to users.

One of the essential keys to this convergent experience is the intelligent network selection mechanism whereby the radios automatically switch between narrowband and broadband networks base on the signal strength and preference. The multi-mode advanced radios preferentially access the narrowband network for voice services, but if there is a weak or no signal, the radio will automatically switch seamlessly over to the broadband network. The radio ID remains the same whichever network is being used.

Three typical user scenarios

1. Emergency response

The RoIP solution in the radios ensures the police officers responding to an incident have access to reliable, always available, instant voice communications. When they are outside the narrowband network, they can talk to each other using a public broadband network. Officers can stream live video to control room dispatchers, which improves situational awareness, enabling police to make better-informed decisions and to deliver a more effective response. 

2. Firefighting

Firefighters entering buildings, basements, or tunnels may lose their narrowband network signal, but the RoIP in their multi-mode advanced radios enables them to continue the communication with each other using public broadband networks. Firefighters can use the broadband capability on their radios to connect to hands-free Bluetooth accessories, which can monitor their vital signs and report relevant information to the command center in real-time. 

3. Wide range patrol

Police on wide range patrols can rely on intelligent network selection and intuitive radio operation to keep voice channels on the radio available. If they patrol out of the narrowband network coverage area, the radio will switch automatically to the public broadband network without the user's awareness of the change. 

Hytera also provides a range of smart accessories, including Carkit and convert camera. The radios can be mounted in the patrol car using a Carkit and connected to a larger display like a tablet. The VM220 convert camera with headset allows police officers to talk, record video, and transmit it to the control center in real-time - all without holding the radio.

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