PD78X DMR Professional Digital Radio


Handheld | DMR | GPS

As a product built to the DMR standard, the PD78X is endowed with ergonomic design, all-round digital functions and remarkable quality to increase your management efficiency and enable you to be responsive to emergent situations.

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    Destaques de PD78X

    Dual Modes

    PD78X/78XG can operate in either analog or digital mode . It is compatible with the prevalent analog system , ensuring a smooth analog-to-digital transition.

    Superior Audio Quality

    With narrowband codec and digital error-correction technologies,PD78X / 78XG delivers superior voice under noisy environments.

    Reliable and Durable

    MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP67 certified, the PD78X/78XG is built to perform in the toughest conditions.

    Audio and Data Encryption

    Support basic encryption , enhanced encryption,and the Scrambler feature (optional).

    Auto Mode Switch

    Support automatic switch between DMR trunking and analog trunking, and between DMR trunking and conventional mode according to the network coverage.
    PD78X DMR Professional Digital Radio

    Dual-timeslot communication in DMO mode doubles efficiency

    Man down alarm

    Support man down alarm(optional upon delivery)


    The AGC technology maintains a suitable voice volumeand the built-in 1W speaker further ensures clear and crisp voice.


    GPS (optional upon delivery)


    Longer battery life


    Large LCD Color Display and Full Keypad

    Especificações de PD78X

    Faixa de Frequências UHF1:400-470MHz; UHF2:450-520MHz; UHF3:350-400MHz; UHF5:806-825MHz(only transmit) 851-870MHz(transmit+receive)896-902MHz(only transmit) 935-941MHz(transmit+receive); VHF1:136-174MHz; VHF3:210-270MHz
    Capacidade do Canal 1024
    Capacidade da zona 64
    Espaçamento de canais 25/20/12.5KHz
    Tensão de operação 7.4V(rated)
    Bateria 2000mAh(Li-Ion)(standard); 2500mAh(Li-Ion)(optional)
    Autonomia da Bateria (ciclo 5/5/90,Potência de transmissão alta) Analog / digital : 15.5hrs/20hrs
    Dimensões(A×L×P) mm 125 × 55 × 37
    Peso 355g
    Visor LCD screen:160×128 pixels,65536 colors,1.8inch,6 lines
    Potência nominal de saída de áudio 0.5W
    Potência de saída de RF UHF1/UHF2/UHF3:4W/1W; VHF:5/1W; UHF5:3W/1W(806-870MHz), 2.5W/1W(896-941MHz)
    Temperatura de operação -30℃~+60℃
    Temperatura de armazenamento -40℃~+85℃
    Proteção contra água e pó IP67
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