What is Satellite Communication?

Satellite communication is the use of man-made earth satellites as relay stations to transmit radio waves, so as to achieve communication between two or more earth stations. Usually, a satellite network solution consists of a number of remote terminals of varying types (flyaway, portable, maritime, fixed), a Network Operation Center or Hub and the satellite bandwidth.


Communication requirements and channels have evolved drastically in the age of globalization and it has become imperative to enhance connectivity between organizations, world-wide teams, headquarters and employees on the field. Radio communications play an essential role in this, especially in public safety, fleet operations and mining applications. Most radio networks use line of sight propagation or have fixed repeater stations. Radio over satellite can extend each of these networks and provide essential connectivity between headquarters and field teams during natural disasters and mission-critical applications.

What are the key features?

Rich Technical Experience

Rich Technical Experience

Leveraging over 40 years of satellite communications expertise,Norsat works closely with its customers to provide standard or customized solutions to meet the exact requirements of the customer’s application for challenging environments.
Leading-edge Design Ideas

Leading-edge Design Ideas

Adhering to the modular design concept, the unified design from Norsat makes the overall structure of the satellite terminal more reasonable, the degree of matching between the devices is better, and the various combinations of products are more adaptable to various application requirements.
Well-known Quality

Well-known Quality

Some of the products have passed MIL-STD and enjoy a good reputation for their ruggedness and reliability, and are recognized as a manufacturer of high-quality satellite equipment in the industry.
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How do we help you in daily operation

  • Emergency Rescue

    Emergency Rescue

    Without any cellular network, iMesh provides the high throughput and low latency vehicle-to-vehicle radio link for multimedia communication. With Satcom solution, the video and voice is transmitted to the command center.

  • Mobile Backhaul

    Mobile Backhaul

    PMR and public mobile network leverages SatCom system to support high-speed backhaul traffic. Portable terminals and mobile vehicles provide bandwidth on a temporary basis, such as sport events or unexpected purposes for disaster recovery.

  • Collabration OA

    Collabration OA

    Satcom system provides a wide geographic area coverage with no compromise on quality of service, cost-effective and applications for each site. System is suitable to connect national wide offices.

  • CCTV Transmission

    CCTV Transmission

    Broadband Satcom makes it possible to connect to headquarters and provides real time monitoring by a maritime antenna. The maritime antenna is mounted on the drilling platform and ships and is to locate far from land.


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  • Wayfarer 1.2m Manual Ku-Band (WFM120KU)
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    Wayfarer 1.2m Manual Ku-Band (WFM120KU)


Case Studies

  • Norsat Supports The Broadcast Industry With Advanced Fly-Away Satellite Terminals

    Norsat Supports The Broadcast Industry With Advanced Fly-Away Satellite Terminals

    In this Case Study you will learn how Norsat supported CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcaster, with the NewsLink fly-away system to provide live broadcast capabilities anywhere in the world, and reduce operating expenses.
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