RD965 Portable, outdoor DMR Repeater


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The Hytera RD965 is the first digital/analogue repeater suitable for outdoor use. Compact and lightweight, the device can deployed quickly and carried in a rucksack (optional), mounted on a wall or installed in an equipment rack. For pricing and availability, use the link below to find and contact your local dealer.

Highlights of RD965


Create and control your network using IP (internet protocol) site connect.


40 bit enhanced encryption as standard with the latest firmware, ensuring your transmissions are always secure.


Innovative, rugged backpack designed specifically for outdoor, mobile operation carried on the person


Port to connect a multitude of audio accessory options, improving the user operating experience in different environments.


Enabling location based services via a separate antenna to improve safety and control.


This feature allows the device to automatically detect and switch between analogue and digital modes based on the signal received.


Using pseudo-trunking, a Hytera patented technology, slots can be shared to improve capacity usage with transmissions either direct to handset or to repeater.

Specifications of RD965

Frequency Range UHF1:400-470MHz; VHF:136-174MHz; UHF3:350-400MHz
Channel Capacity 16
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz20KHz25KHz
Operating Voltage DC:13.6V±15%, Battery14.8V
Duty Cycle 100%
Battery 10Ah(Li-Ion)
Battey Life(50%Duty Cycle, High TX Power Transmit) 8h
Current Drain(Standby) <0.5A
Current Drain(transmit) <2.5A
Frequency Stability ±0.5ppm
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Dimensions(H×W×D) mm 291 x 172 x 41(without protective shel); 301 x 184 x 51(with protective shell)
Weight <3.0kg
Sensitivity(Analog) 0.3μV(12dB SINAD); 0.4μV(20dB SINAD); 0.22μVtypical)(12dB SINAD)
Sensitivity(Digital) 0.3μV/BER5%
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 65dB@12.5kHz75dB@20/25kHz(TIA_603); 60dB@12.5kHz/70dB@20/25kHz(ETSI)
Intermodulation 70dB@12.5/20/25kHz(ETSI); 75dB@12.5/20/25kHz(TIA_603)
Spurious Response Rejection 70dB@12.5/20/25kHz(ETSI); 75dB@12.5/20/25kHz(TIA_603)
Hum&Noise 45dB@25kHz; 40dB@12.5kHz ; 43dB@20KHz 
Rated Audio Distortion ≤3%
Audio Response +1~-3dB
Conducted Spurious Emission <-57dBm
RF Power Output 1-10W Continious
FM Modulation 11K0F3E@12.5kHz; 14K0F3E@20kHz; 16K0F3E@25kHz
4FSK Digital Modulation 12.5kHz Data&Voice:7K60FXW; 12.5kHz Data Only:7K60FXD
Conducted/Radiated Emission -36dBm<1GHz; -30dBm>1GHz
Modulation Limiting ±4.0kHz@20kHz; ±2.5kHz@12.5kHz; ±5.0kHz@25kHz
FM Hum&Noise 43dB@20KHz; 40dB@12.5kHz; 45dB@25kHz
Adjacent Channel Power 70dB@20/25kHz; 60dB@12.5kHz
Audio Distortion ≤3%
Digital Vocoder Type AMBE++/SELP
Digital Protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3
Operating Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Dust & Water Protection IP67
Humidity MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
Vibration,Drop&Shock MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
Horizontal Position Accuracy <10 meters
Cold Start (Time to First Fix) <1 minute
Hot Start (Time to First Fix) <10 seconds
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