BD615 A Rugged Radio for Harsh Environments


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Hytera's new BD615 two-way radio inherits the excellent performance of its predecessor the TC-610 series and provides professional communication that is easy to operate effectively. The robust and reliable body can guarantee excellent product performance. The clear and loud sounding voice can cope better in multiple surroundings, these include noisy environments such as the outdoors and crowded areas.

Highlights of BD615


The BD615 features a bold two-colour design and is tested to meet the Military Standards of 810 G, including temperature shock management and vibration handling. The BD615 is also IP66 certified for dust and waterproof and its design guarantees reliability in different environments.


Fitted with the latest digital encoding and correction technology, the BD615 caters for human voice to be transmitted clearer and without distortion, even over greater distances.


With a new, innovative design, the BD615 offers better performance than traditional analogue radios. With excellent reception sensitivity, it means the device can provide a stable communication with no interference.


The BD615 can support both analogue and digital modes on the same hardware. You can easily switch between dual operation modes which helps you to communicate with more devices.

Specifications of BD615

Frequency Range UHF:400-470 MHz; VHF:136-174 MHz
Channel Capacity 48
Zone Capacity 3
Channel Spacing 25 kHz/12.5 KHz
Operating Voltage 7.2 V(rated)
Battery 1500 mAh(Li-Ion)
Battey Life(5/5/90 Duty Cycle,High TX Power) Digital:16 hours; Analog:12 hours
Frequency Stability ±0.5 ppm
Antenna Impedance 50 Ω
Dimensions(H×W×D) mm 108 mm×54.5 mm×28 mm
Weight 240 g (With standard battery and antenna)
Sensitivity(Analog) 0.4 μV (20 dB SIN AD); 0.22 μV (typical)(12 dB SIN AD)
Sensitivity(Digital) 0.22 μV/BER 5%
Adjacent Channel Selectivity TIA-603:60 dB @ 12.5kHz/70 dB @ 25 kHz
Intermodulation TIA-603:65 dB @ 12.5 / 25 kHz
Spurious Response Rejection TIA-603:65 dB @ 12.5 / 25 kHz
Blocking ETSI 84 dB
Hum&Noise 40 dB @ 12.5 kHz ; 45 dB @ 25 kHz
Rated Audio Power Output 0.5 W
Rated Audio Distortion ≤3%
Audio Response +1~-3 dB
Conducted Spurious Emission <-57 dBm
RF Power Output UHF1:4 W/1 W; VHF:5/1 W
FM Modulation 11K0F3E @ 12.5 kHz; 16K0F3E @ 25 kHz
4FSK Digital Modulation 12.5 kHz Data Only:7K60FXD; 12.5 kHz Data & Voice:7K60FXW
Conducted/Radiated Emission -30 dBm > 1 GHz; -36 dBm < 1 GHz
Modulation Limiting ±2.5 kHz @ 12.5 kHz; ±5.0 kHz @ 25 kHz
FM Hum&Noise 40 dB @ 12.5 kHz; 45 dB @ 25 kHz
Adjacent Channel Power 60 dB @ 12.5 kHz; 70 dB @25 kHz
Audio Distortion ≤3%
Digital Vocoder Type SELP
Digital Protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3
Operating Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
ESD IEC 61000-4-2(level 4); ±8 kV(Contact); ±15 kV(Air)
MIL Standard MIL-STD-810 G
Dust & Water Protection IP66
Humidity MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
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