DMR Professional Intrinsically Safe Digital Radio

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Offering safe, reliable communications, the Hytera PD71X Ex digital portable radio with screen and full keypad has been designed to meet the European ATEX directives, FM standards and IEC standards, ideal for tough environments that require advanced, intrinsically-safe devices.

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PD71XEx'ın Eşsiz Özellikleri

Environmentally Safe

The PD71XEx meets European ATEX and North American FM standards. With ATEX , IECEX , the latest FM and CSA certificate, the radio works safely in most hazardous environments even with the presence of hydrogen and dust particles.

Enhanced Safety

The PD71XEx has a dedicated emergency button to help the user send an emergency call to a preset group or individual in case of an emergency. It also supports Man Down, GPS, and Lone Worker to further ensure personal safety.

Large-capacity Battery

Equipped with high-capacity Li-ion battery, the PD71XEx can operate up to 17 hours under 5-5-90 duty cycle. The over-charge and over-discharge design protects the battery against instability caused by overheating.

Stable Performance

The PD71XEx delivers high-quality audio and consumes 40% less battery compared with analog radios.

Software Upgradable

New features on the PD71XEx can be activated through software upgrade. Moreover, it can switch to DMR or MPT trunking mode through License.
PD715Ex DMR Professional Intrinsically Safe Digital Radio

Dual-timeslot communication in DMO mode doubles efficiency

Man down alarm

Man Down (optional)


AGC for suitable volume and built-in speaker (1 W) for clear and loud audio.


GPS (optional upon delivery)


Patented battery latch to prevent accidental drop

Electrostatic Discharge Design

Hytera applies electrostatic discharge design and dual-material molding technology on the radio. The electrostatic discharge material (blue) minimizes electrostatic accumulation on radio surface, while the robust material (black) maximizes ruggedness of the enclosure

PD71XEx’in özellikleri

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  • GPS Özellikleri
Frekans Aralığı UHF1: 400-470MHz; UHF3: 350-400MHz; VHF1: 136-174MHz
Kanal Kapasitesi 1024
Bölge Kapasitesi 16
Çalışma Gerilimi 7.4V
Batarya 1800mAh (Li-Ion)
Batarya Ömrü (5/5/90 Görev Döngüsü, Yüksek TX Gücü) Analog: about 14.5hours/13hours (GPS) Digital: about 17hours/15hours (GPS)
Boyutlar(Y×G×D) mm 141 x 55 x 37mm
Ağırlık 485g
Çalışma Sıcaklığı -20℃~+50℃
Depolama sıcaklığı -40℃~+85℃
Toz ve Su Koruması IP67
GPS Özellikleri
Yatay Konum Doğruluğu <5m (50% probable) <10m (95% probable)
Soğuk Başlatma (İlk Düzeltme Süresi) <1 minute
Sıcak Başlangıç ​​(İlk Düzeltme Zamanı) <10 seconds
Not Accuracy Specs are for long-term tracking(95th percentile values>5 satellites visible at a nominal-130dBm signal strength)
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