The Singapore Turf Club was founded in 1842 as the Singapore Sporting Club to operate the Serangoon Road Race Course at Farrer Park. It is today the oldest existing and only horse-racing club in Singapore and one of the premier racecourses in the world. The Singapore Turf Club is the only authorized operator of horse racing, and totalisator (horse betting) services in Singapore.


Currently, STC ran an analog system for its communication department. With the growing demands in communication, STC realized the inferiority of analog system in communication and data service. Signal coverage is very limited and talking group is not insufficient for increasing users. Stand-by & Talk-time is not ideal and the out dated terminal is very heavy.


The Singapore Turf Club, Singapore

Market Segment


Project Time



Hytera DMR Trunking Lite

DS-6211 Trunking Base Station

Hytera dispatch system

PD70X/PD78X/X1p Portable Radio

MD78X Mobile Radio

Customer Demands

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    Rapid, efficient, reliable on-site communication has been an essential requirement for sports venues, for the safety of staff and the public as well as for smooth operation. STC wants to build up a new wireless communication system to reach below requirements:
    At least 95% signal coverage can be reached in the whole park,
    Minimum 6 talking groups can exist simultaneously
    Support trunking mode
    Support voice & data recording
    Mass Broadcast

The Solution

Due to the physical aspects of the park, there are many challenges brought for newly installed communications solution:


• Wide open area and spread around buildings
• without connecting
• Stringent regulation on spectrum usage by iDA


Hytera overcame above difficulties and provided Hytera DMR Tier III trunking solutions to the client, including DMR Trunking Lite system, Hytera dispatch system and DMR terminals.


Hytera DMR Trunking system has exceed the client's expectation in the area of voice clarity, network coverage area and product reliability and also brought positive experiences to the users:


• Better coverage and clearer voice communication
• Longer stand-by and talk-time
• Less use of frequencies and zero congestion
• Track & monitor voice and data communication
• Broadcast of emergency massages
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