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With advanced PMR technologies and professional teams, Hytera serves over 6 million industry customers around the world with best practices in the past 20 years. From network planning and deployment to system and terminal maintenance, Hytera provides a full range of integrated service solutions. Focusing on the customers' business needs and challenges, Hytera ensures the customers to get an immediate response at critical moment and achieve success.

Core Advantage


Full-fledged Global Delivery Platform


Advanced Management Concepts and Standards


Radio Network Planning Service

Radio network planning service is not only a key reference for network design and investment decision, but also an important prerequisite for successful system deployment.

Engineering Construction Service

Engineering construction service is an end-to-end project delivery service from site survey, system commissioning to acceptance. It is carried out by skilled engineers in accordance with construction technical specifications and project management standards based on the communication equipment and integrated supporting facilities provided by Hytera.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance service is a responsive service to ensure stable and secure network operations for customers. According to the contract, Hytera not only provides hardware repair, software upgrade, and technical support, but also promptly responds to technical requests and offers emergency spare parts services.

Equipment Inspection Service

Equipment inspection service is a proactive maintenance service for customer equipment. Relying on rich maintenance experience in past decades, Hytera can provide multi-level inspection services according to customers’ requirements.

Communications Security Service

Communication security service is a guarantee service to ensure smooth commanding and dispatching in PMR network during major events, sporting events, VIP security, or other emergencies.

Network Optimization Service

Network optimization service is a set of best practices used to improve network performance. A variety of tools and techniques are used to identify issues that affect network quality through traffic data analysis, field test data collection, parameter analysis, hardware inspection and more.

Training Service

Hytera provides the customers with comprehensive professional training service in terms of the company's products and solutions.

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