Combining multiple narrowband technologies such as DMR, PDT, TETRA with broadband technologies such as 3G/LTE and WLAN, Hytera offers a convergent communication solution delivering a wide range of end to end services such as audio, data, and video. This solution enables customers to implement voice dispatch, multimedia trunking, real-time data interaction, collaborated operation, and more under various scenarios in a unified manner. Besides, Hytera tailors to customers' requirements at different stages to assist them in smooth network evolution and preserving legacies.

Why Choose Broadband System & Terminal?

With the continuous development of technology, data-rich services, such as video surveillance and remote data collection multimedia communications are becoming a strong requirement for various industries. As a leading global innovated company, Hytera released a full end-to-end portfolio of LTE solution to respond different customers needs. Dynamically assigning resource to maximise channel capacity, the Hytera LTE systems support a rich variety of voice and data services.
The kinds of industries which use broadband services include transportation and logistics, security, energy and utilitie, local government organisations and others. Broadband solution provides diverse communications applications and service to meet different situations. PoC is therefore professional and useful for critical needing to communicate across regions even a whole country, such as royal security gaurd. It also provides a fast deployment solution for answering to unexpective emergencies guard, such as government fast respond whom time is a limited value but full services are vital.

What Are the Key Features?

Support Multiple LTE Frequencies

Support multiple LTE frequencies which can meet the demand of high capacity and large services.

Large Capacity of Group and System

The network capacity can be increased by adding servers to meet the users' different performance requirements.

Powerful and Versatile Data Functionality

Provide pictures, videos, and other multimedia data and real-time video services to meet PMR users' diversified needs beyond voice calls.

Convergent with LTE and PMR Network

Support feature-rich broadband technologies while ensuring that critically important voice services remain reliably accessible using narrowband technologies such as TETRA, DMR, and PDT.

Flexible Organizational Management

Users are presented in an organized way for intuitive and efficient management. Users can remotely manage radios in batches, including upgrade, programming, permission control, etc.

User-Friendly Management Interface

Designed with a clean, intuitive interface, easy to use by anyone. The interface is also customizable to any language preference you require.

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Case Studies

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    Hytera Improves Efficiency and Safety of Electricity Meter Readings and Repairs in Turkey

    Hytera's PNC550 PoC terminal has enabled Turkish electricity distributor DEDAŞ to overcome coverage issues, reduce device and service costs, and greatly improve the efficiency of meter readings thanks to a bespoke smart meter reading app.
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    Hytera HyTalk PoC System Enhances Operational Efficiency of East Mining Company

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    Hytera PoC Fleet Management and Dispatching Solution Boosts Productivity of Turkish Taxi Companies

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    Hytera Multi-mode Radios Provide the Vital Link for Taiwan’s Smart Clothing Industry

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  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Hytera PNC560 5G XSecure Rugged Device


  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Hytera PDM680 Rugged MCS Radio


  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Hytera PNC360S PoC Radio


  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Introducing MCS Hytera HyTalk MC solution


  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Introducing Full Series of Hytera PoC Radios


  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    How to Use Hytera HyTalk App


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