With the rapid advancement of information technology, the demands of industrial users have expanded beyond traditional voice communication. Multimedia, industrial applications, and video requirements are on the rise. At the same time, industrial users also face problems such as the short battery life of the original communication equipment and the low durability of them. Hytera, recognizing these evolving needs, is committed to offering smart devices tailored for industries. These devices cater to the diverse requirements of industrial users, providing essential voice communication, real-time video transmission, and industry-specific applications, among others. By incorporating open APIs, robust hardware, and intuitive Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality, Hytera's industrial smart devices have the potential to significantly enhance communication efficiency and business effectiveness for users. They are well-suited for deployment in various business and industrial scenarios, facilitating improved team productivity.

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Core Value

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    Industrial APPs

    Hytera's devices offer an open and inclusive platform that supports specialized third-party applications developed for specific industries or purposes, such as, Apps for access control, courier delivery, utility maintenance, physical security, etc.

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    Large HD Screen

    Equipped with a large sunlight-readable display, Hytera's industrial smart devices ensure clear visibility even in bright outdoor conditions. Additionally, these devices support touch input with wet fingers or gloves, making them ideal for use in construction, manufacturing, and industrial environments.

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    Multimedia Services

    Hytera provides a wide range of multimedia services to cater to the needs of industrial users. These services go beyond voice-centric communication and include capabilities for video, data services, and multimedia dispatching, enabling rich and comprehensive communication experiences.

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    Convergence-native Service

    Hytera's industrial smart devices are compatible with the Hytera HyTalk Pro app, allowing seamless communication with PDT, DMR, or TETRA radios. This interoperability ensures uninterrupted flow of information, even in critical circumstances, providing reliable and efficient communication for users.

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    Security Assurance

    Hytera's smart terminals prioritize the security of data and communications. By employing a multi-layer security mechanism that integrates both hardware and software design, they offer comprehensive and adequate protection for user data.

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    High Reliability

    Rated IP68, Hytera's industrial smart devices are built to withstand water, dust, shocks, extreme temperatures, and accidental drops of up to 1.5 meters. They maintain reliable performance in harsh environments, ensuring uninterrupted communication and operation.

Product Videos

  • PNC460 XRugged Smart Device
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    Introducing PNC460 XRugged Smart Device


  • PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device
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    Introducing PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device


  • PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device
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    PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device Security Test


  • PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device
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    PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device Durability Test


  • PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device
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    PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device Dual Domains Test



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PNC460 XRugged Smart Device

Hytera XRugged Smart Device PNC460 is built to improve efficiency in the workplace today and tomorrow. It has both smartphone and Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radio capabilities, empowering your team to connect and collaborate more seamlessly at work. Moreover, the PNC460 is truly rugged to brave any harsh environments. Where there is tough work, there is the PNC460.

PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device

Hytera PNC560 offers you mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) over 5G/LTE network with super-fast speed and low latency, supporting team communication & collaboration with a simple key press. It is an ultra-secure device designed for professionals who need utmost data security protection. PNC560 employs a multi-layer security mechanism integrated in both hardware and software design to provide comprehensive & adequate data protection on the device.

Application Scenarios

  • Public safety

    Public safety

    Hytera industrial smart devices make full use of the coverage and technical advantages of public networks and build multimedia data and mobile video capabilities to enhance visualization and dispatching efficiency for public safety users.

  • Energy


    If you operate a petroleum, mining, oil & gas, or other workshops with potentially explosive gases, dust, or chemical vapors, you must need a solution that ensures both work efficiency and personal safety without compromise. Hytera industrial smart devices make it.

  • Transportation


    Hytera comes up with a series of industrial smart devices to accommodate transportation users with different requirements, such as real-time video transmission, precise positioning, and industry-specific applications.

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