Next-gen Mission-critical Communications

Mission-Critical Communication (MCC) refers to reliable communications for safety, security or emergency crisis management and prevention, where lives and environmental or social damage are at stake. OMDIA research in 2022 identifies four major trends for future MCC, (refers to as “the next-gen Mission-Critical Communications”), which are:

1) Wide-scale emergencies demonstrate the need to reexamine MC Communications, which are essential for national security and emergency preparedness.  

2) Because of the world’s increasing complexity today, MC Communications technology is forced to go beyond voice and rely on new sources of information and multimedia communication.

3) The breadth and scale of the hyper-connectivity revolution worldwide have been shaping modern society, thanks to radical technology offered by service operators at increasing speed, with groundbreaking platforms brought to market by internet and social media giants.

4) In a digitally transformed Industry4.0 era, CPS-based MC Communications will open up the potential to change public safety from reactive to proactive by incorporating more critical sensors and infusing them with new levels of intelligence.

The four trends converge to build the next-gen MC Communications. However, the new expansions will not come at the expense of PMR, the voice continues to play an essential role and narrowband digitalization is still ongoing in MC Communications.
Hytera LTE-PMR Convergence Solution

Framework of Convergence-native

Hytera LTE-PMR Convergence Solution

Convergence-native, a Future-proof Solution for Next-gen MCC

  • Converged Core
  • Converged Network
  • OUCP
  • Next-gen Dispatch System
  • Converged Devices
  • Converged core is the enabler for native interoperability

    The proposed converged core is defined as a purpose-built component across layers and domains. For the goal of delivering a cost-effective solution with a simplified deployment model, it is primarily designed for PMR network and PTToC/MCS in-depth convergence instead of implementing separate entity, standalone gateway and complex interfaces.

  • Converged network creates great values over convergence

    The converged network that supports PMR network + Private LTE network + Commercial LTE network (MCS/PTToC) standards-based convergence, enables agnostic access and automatic shifts without users' attention by providing advanced seamless mobility features across networks without geographical interruption for voice calls and with voice continuity against dropped syllables and words.

  • The comprehensive platform OUCP enables full interoperability

    As a next-gen ready cloud-based platform, the Open Universal Communication Platform (OUCP) is designed to resolve the increasing challenges of integration and interworking of more complex and disparate systems, including landline, video streaming and conferencing, rich media and legacy systems, also interconnecting 3rd part standards-based MCS systems with well-defined and open protocol flows.

  • Next-gen dispatch system enables unified dispatching

    The next-gen Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system facilitate a smooth evolution path by providing customers with a range of types of role-based consoles leveraging OUCP, along with comprehensive capabilities, including unified dispatching, fully interoperability, seamless access and efficient controlling of MC Communications across PMR/LTE networks and different disparate systems.

  • Converged devices are indispensable for emergency operations

    The rugged and converged device that combines reliable PMR (PDT, DMR or TETRA) trunking and DMO communications with LTE connectivity, is capable of SDK-based traffic tunneling, enabling more instant communications and enhanced seamless mobilities. 4G body-worn cameras are designed for the operational needs of the police officer, firefighting and ambulance users and never miss capturing evidence. It is also an MC Communications device that supports push-to-X services.

Next-gen Mission Critical Communications


Deploy swiftly and consistently

Lower cost, reduced workload and simplified maintenance

Unified dispatching and comprehensive controlling

Prioritized capital investment, reducing CAPEX by maximum leveraging existing components

Support reduced call setup latency and improved network performance

Provide rugged devices in a harsh environment

Convergence Communication Solutions

TETRA and HyTalk MC Convergence Solution

It is used in global public safety and other industries which already have TETRA solution for critical voice communication, but require broadband service. It is an efficient solution to expand multimedia services, such as video, image and massive data communication.

DMR and HyTalk Pro Convergence Solution

It is a hybrid of narrowband DMR Trunking system and broadband (4G/ LTE) network via Hytalk Pro. By connecting DMR Trunking system to public LTE network, the LTE network expands the network coverage area of DMR trunking, so as to realize a wider coverage of DMR trunking. LTE network is also used to supplement users' needs for broadband data and mobile video services.

PMR and HyTalk Convergence Solution

Hytera HyTalk series make full use of the coverage and technical advantages of public network to supplement the coverage blind area of narrowband trunk communication network, realizes unlimited distance and geographical communication, and builds multimedia data and mobile video capabilities to enhance visualization and dispatching efficiency to meet the needs of users in various industries.

Convergence-Native for Industries

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    Transportation & Logistics

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    Medical Emergency

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    Law Enforcement

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    Industrial Manufacturing

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    Fire & Rescue

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    Energy & Utilities

Case Studies

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