Hytera Public Safety Solution

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    Industry Challenge

    Public safety projects are essential for urban development, protecting citizens from crime and terrorism, and minimizing the impact of natural disasters and other threats. As cities continue to develop, rapid increase in population poses new challenges to public safety management. There are problems of lack of means of warning, shortening of information and inaccurate analysis. In the process of the case, there are problems of low communication efficiency, weak dispatch capabilities, lack of historical information.

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    From emergency call taking system to visual command system, mega event security systems to incident analysis system, from PMR communication technology to broadband mission critical service.  As the world's leading solution provider,Hytera provide comprehensive solution for daily duty, mega event security and crisis respond scenarios. It can meet the diverse needs of customers before, during and after the event, while coping with challenges and maintaining the sustainable development of the city.

Core Values

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    Integrated Command & Control

    E2E solution with flexible customizition architecture, aims to achieve incident handling, overall situation  display and control, urban resources management, major events security, also to meet other related public safety need.

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    On-site Command

    Hytera on-site command can display location of fast deploy units and issue command and orders according to the status, which is extrmley useful for on-site operation.

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    Multiple Interconnection

    Interconnection with Tetra, DMR, LTE, Analog Radios, public networks etc., providing seamless command control and communication across different agencies via voice, video and data.

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    Easy Planning

    The graphical and intelligence plan making tools that provided by mage event security system, making it easy for commanders to rehearsal security plan and control rick before the incident.

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