Integrated Device Station


Integrated Device Station is responsible for collecting the data of law enforcement recorder, which can be in the form of hardware equipment of acquisition station which has deployed software or Integrated Device Station which is deployed on ordinary PC. It can collect audio, video and picture data. At the same time, it realizes the business functions of browsing data, playback data. Integrated Docking Software Integrated Docking Software (IDS) automates the process of collecting videos, audios, and photos from the body worn cameras (BWCs) and uploads them to the digital evidence management platform, greatly reducing the manual workload and saving valuable time of law enforcement officers. With the IDS, you can also view, play back, and export digital evidence, manage the BWCs, or upgrade the firmware of BWCs though the web client.

Highlights of IDS

Intelligent Data Collection

Supports automatic evidence collection from body cameras upon connection. Supports automatic deletion of data from body cameras after collection.

Intuitive User Interface

Allows you to easily locate body cameras with intuitive user interface. Supports touch screen for easier control.

Flexible Deployment

Supports IP-based deployment for unified management through Digital Evidence Management.

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