Constant change in the industry due to continuous technological innovation makes new challenges for Smart grid in this market appear. Except traditional voice, the smart grid will incorporate new networking technology, including sensors and controls that make it possible to monitor electricity use in real time and make automatic changes that reduce energy waste. The smart grid could make the supply of electricity more efficient and reliable, and it could help reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by promoting renewable technologies and reducing overall power consumption.

The smart grid needs equally smart communications to deliver some benefits. The communications network must be as dynamic, secure and reliable as the power grid as the two become increasingly interdependent.
Core Values
Efficient Communications
Hytera advanced voice solution, ensure reliable and real time communication.
Patrol Solution
The patrol solution is a cost-efficient tour guard solution to provide real time patrol tracking management with flexible deployment and friendly design.
Mobile Office
Application of industry APP based on dual-mode terminal can greatly improve the working efficiency of customers.
Fast Deployment
Fast Deployment
Smooth Communication between front line and control center can always be set up instantly with Hytera communication solutions. All the equipment are easy for transportation and taking along to keep your team connected anytime and anywhere.
Remote Monitor
Hytera provides an integrated solution for SCADA with Narrowband network, focusing on reliability, compatibility, security and efficiency, aiming to reduce management cost and protect customer investment within one network to support voice.

Case Studies

  • video-poster
    Hytera Improves Efficiency and Safety of Electricity Meter Readings and Repairs in Turkey
    Hytera's PNC550 PoC terminal has enabled Turkish electricity distributor DEDAŞ to overcome coverage issues, reduce device and service costs, and greatly improve the efficiency of meter readings thanks to a bespoke smart meter reading app.
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  • hytera poc solution for power generation company in turkey
    Power Generation Company in Turkey
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  • Benban Solar Power Park, Egypt
    Benban Solar Power Park, Egypt
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  • Korea Electric Power Corporation
    Korea Electric Power Corporation
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