PD66X-UL913 DMR Professional Intrinsically Safe Digital Radio


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This radio is specially designed for those who work in environments with explosive gas and combustible dusts, where using regular radios could be unsafe. Hytera launched this portable explosion-proof DMR radio with ergonomic and rugged design. Easy to use, long battery life and UL913/TIA4950-rated for safety.

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Highlights of PD66X-UL913

DMO True 2-slot

Hytera provides 2-slot solution in Repeater Mode . The radio can useboth slots for the communication.

Ultra-thin Design

The size is 122 X 54X 33mm , PC & Metal frame , weight is 344g.

Reliable and Durable

The radio is IP67 certified and can withstand up to 1m submersionfor 30 minutes .

Dual Modes

The radio can work in both analog and digital modes for a smoothanalog-to-digital migration.

Intrinsically Safe

The radio is UL913/TIA4950 certified, ideal for hazardous work with dangerous conditions including combustible dust, explosive chemicals, and more.
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Small , Sleek , Light:

The size is 122 X 54X 33mm , weight is 344g

One Touch Call/Text

PD66X-UL913 supports One Touch Call/Text features to transmit callor text message via the programmed key.

Speaker and Microphone

Provide clear receive andtransmit audio.


Double Channel Capacity


LCD display & limited keypad design

Технические характеристики PD66X-UL913

Диапазон частот UHF:400-527MHz; VHF:136-174MHz
Емкость канала 1024
Емкость зоны 64 (each with a maximum of 256 channels)
Расстояние между каналами 25/20/12.5KHz
Рабочее напряжение 7.4V
Батарея 2000mAh (Li-ion)
Срок службы батареи (рабочий цикл 5/5/90, высокая мощность передачи) Analog/Digital:14.5hours/21hours
Стабильность частоты ±0.5ppm
Импеданс антенны 50Ω
Размеры (В×Ш×Г) мм 122×54×33mm
Вес 344g
Уровни защиты от взрыва Class I II III Division 1 Group C-G -30℃ to 55℃ T4
Чувствительность (аналоговый) 0.22μV(Typical)(12dB SIN AD); 0.3μV (12dB SIN AD); 0.4μV (20dB SIN AD)
Чувствительность (цифровая) 0.22μV/BER 5%
Номинальная выходная мощность звука 0.5W
Выходная мощность ВЧ Max:<3.5W Rated: 2.5W
Тип цифрового вокодера AMBE+2™ or SELP
Окружающая среда
Рабочая Температура -30℃~ +55℃
Температура хранения -40℃~+85℃
ESD IEC 61000-4-2(level 4); ±8kV(Contact); ±15kV(Air)
Защита от пыли и воды IP67

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