The Antwerp Diamond Museum, situated on the Astridplein, about 100m from the Central Station, is the showpiece of the Antwerp Diamond District. You will be taken as a visitor in the "BriljAntwerps"story, the history of the most fascinating diamonds of the world, brilliantly cut with Antwerp craftsmanship. In the treasuries of the Diamond Museum a top collection of jewels from the 16th century to the present are being displayed


Antwerp Diamond Museum, Belglum

Market Segment


Project Time

Late 2010


PD78X Portable Radio

The Challenge

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    To protect these jewels, the Diamond Museum has a large number of operational security procedures that all the security staff need to follow. For efficiency purpose, four years ago the museum purchased 12 semi-professional walkie-talkies. Partly because the reception and availability of these devices in some places of the museum was not sufficient, in late 2010 the museum invited tenders for the purchase of new walkie-talkies. In addition, the museum also wanted to send messages to the dispatcher or to the entire group of security guards, a feature that allows to discreetly communicate in places where the lowest possible noise may be produced. Furthermore it was necessary to call a person that is in a meeting (vibration alarm) and a secure, encrypted digital voice communication intercept rule. Finally, there were demands for higher standards of protection for security guards. For very specific technical applications the device should be equipped with an emergency button and a "Man-down" feature, coupled with the personal ID that is automatically sent along.

The Solution

Several companies made proposals including price quotations. The museum selected a reseller from Eurodistribution - Official Hytera distributor in Belgium - because the Hytera DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) could meet all of the predefined requirements.

Several on-spot tests with the Hytera PD78X gave spectacular performance results. The Hytera DMR solution not only meets all the required applications, it is also easy to use, not too heavy and the audio quality is very pure.

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