Mal-Tel, One of Malaysia biggest operators, has provided the professional communication system in Malaysia for 18 years. His network covers the state territory of Malaysia, consisting of the most area of the Malay Peninsula in the west and the Malay part of the Borneo island in the east. The business covers transportation, oil&gas, ports, hospitals, shopping malls and other industries.



Mal-Tel, Malaysia

Market Segment


Project Time



Hytera DMR Trunking Pro

2 Control Center

1 Dispatcher System

17 DS-6210 Trunking Base Stations

10000 Terminals

The Challenge

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    Now they want to upgrade communication system for providing better service for industry and commerce customers with the higher requirements:
    1. High efficiency of frequency and spectrum: Business increases greatly but analog technology can't provide more capacities based on current frequency resource.
    2. Stability of system: Improve the system stability to ensure the 24hours communication service.
    3. High OPEX: There are still lots of analog system running, and the cost of operation and maintenance is very high.
    4. Network coverage optimization: Large area coverage and high capacity can reduce OPEX and enhance ROI.

The Solution

After analyzing the technical requirements, Hytera proposes the professional operation solution based on DMR Digital Trunking Pro system. The DMR digital trunking system is a professional wireless communication system with shared channel by multi-users and multi-sectors and can dynamically manage and use these channels. DMR digital trunking system takes TDMA technology, which separates one channel into two timeslots, so the system capacity becomes double in the same frequency. Hytera optimizes the antenna system, and deploys Hytera special technology, 3-Diversity Receiving, to enlarge network coverage. The Hytera system has greatly reduces maintenance cost. To guarantee the system stability, Hytera provides a variety of network elements redundancy solution. Hetera adopts BSCU (Base Station Controller Unit) Standby backup mechanism. To ensure normal operation of the BS, as many as two BSCUs with same configurations can be used in one BS. If the master BSCU fails, the slave BSCU will take over its tasks immediately.
The total network configuration is the bellowing:
• 2 Control Center
• 1 Dispatcher System
• 17 Base Stations
• 10000 Terminals
The DMR Pro System is IP-based architecture, which enables flexible networking and low requirements for the real-time link. The equipment can be deployed flexibly in the system, allowing the network node to be added or deleted easily. The operator had deployed the Hytera DMR pro system in phase one, and they plan to gradually extend system in 2015 and 2016.


The Benefits

• BSCU (Base Station Controller Unit) redundancy design to ensure system stability
• Improve network security with Authentication, ESN check, Group attachment features
• GPS information transmission via dedicated channel without affecting voice service
• Reduce customers' maintenance cost
• MS configuration modification is faster than other suppliers via OTAP (Over The Air Programming) feature. OTAP feature allows customers to remotely program the MS over the air interface.

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