Besides being one of Mexico's most important tourist centers, Los Cabos is known for having a high incidence of hurricanes from May to October of each year, which has significantly marked the municipality's evolution and development, strengthening and increasing the expectations of all residents. 


 One & Only Palmilla Hotel, Mexico

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 Hytera Dispatch System
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 In the case of One & Only Palmilla and Golf hotel, the scourge of natural disaster Hurricane Odile in 2014, which severely affected the entire community of Los Cabos, both its flora and its infrastructure, opened up the opportunity to implement a First-class DMR digital communication system and become the spearhead in technology for the hotel industry here in Baja California Sur, and opening the door to other major projects such as Maravilla," explained Alfredo Villaseñor, CEO of Comunicaciones Los Cabos.

The Challenge

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    Palmilla has always been a technology innovator in the hotel industry in Baja California Sur. They need a state-of-the-art digital radio solution that provides exceptional audio quality and GPS localization in the Golf Course staff equipment to achieve user satisfaction. 

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    Palmillas had an analog system before, and considering IFETEL's digital migration regulations as well as the advantages of a digital radio system, they continue to be a step ahead of what might happen and avoid becoming obsolete. "Migration was very transparent, largely because we had the need for a radical transition after the impact of a hurricane. It meant totally renovating the equipment, practically starting from scratch, like a new implementation. We had maybe 15 or 20 analog radios, and all we did was switching to IP technology; this benefited us by giving us the opportunity to anticipate future regulations, which requires us to migrate to this system," said Marco Sainz, Director of IT and Special Projects at Hotel One & Only Palmilla, Los Cabos.

The Solution

The implementation at Palmilla Hotel includes 350 PD70X terminals for the area of operation of the complex, 100 PD60X terminals to work at the golf course and PD78X devices for executives and senior staff. This design largely solves the problem of locating coworkers throughout the property's 27 holes.

Hytera dispatch system allows for easy management and monitoring of routes and activities, providing a map in real time where they can locate the different enabled devices, in addition to recording and keeping a timely track record, communications and specific policies such as establishing a virtual fence or setting up speed limits.

By implementing the radio communications network, together with its consoles and terminals, the facilities have an operation command center, which is monitored 24 hours from the control room.

The Results

Hytera comprehensive solution reinforces logistics tasks, but also supplements security operations through a centralized scheme. This allows users to have groups interconnected by means of a dispatch console, generate alarm and emergency warnings and help the user who may require it very quickly. In emergencies, response time is very important and this solution allows user to deal with any contingency in the shortest possible time.

It is in the management work where this comprehensive solution is more clearly appreciated, combining the implementation of infrastructure and terminals (hardware) which are in touch and controlled through a Smart Dispatch platform (software).

The management solution is built according to the ETSI DMR open standard, deploying a Client/Server structure and a modular design that offers a distribution and deployment platform of communication networks in a customized control center, designed for effective communication in professional settings.

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