Contel Communications is a company involved in providing Trunked Radio Service in Philippines and duly authorized by the National Telecommunications Commission to construct, install, operate and maintain, lease and manage Trunked Radio Stations. Through many years' development, it has gained rich and professional experience of providing customized communications solutions to different industrial users.

With Contel's plan of migrating the existing Analog Service, Contel has chosen Hytera to upgrade its radio trunking network from analog to digital mobile radio (DMR) network.


 Contel Communications Inc, Philippines

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 Hytera DMR Trunking Pro
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The Challenge

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    According to the administration team of Contel communications, it is the time to invest in an upgraded network to serve the existing and potential customers.

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    Contel's network migration to DMR was regarded as strengthening the mutually beneficial relationship between Contel and its customers. On one hand, it is a way to create greater awareness of Contel in the market and attract more subscribers; on the other hand, with Hytera's Digital Trunked Radio Service, customer can be assured of wider coverage and provided with better flexibility suiting their operational requirements.

The Solution

Contel embarked into establishing the latest DMR Tier III System utilizing Hytera 800 Mhz Radio Frequencies. In the first stage Contel conducted in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The new Digital Hytera technology can provide a wider range of services from ordinary voice calls to data messaging that expands nationwide connection via Internet Protocol (IP). Several features such as GPS, data service and analytics, roaming, multiple groupings, and other customizable services can now be achieved because of the flexibility of the System.

The Results

Hytera one-stop solution helps Contel provide better service to different industries , like public safety, mining, oil, sea port, airport:

1. Voice recording and replaying enable officials to track & monitor voice and data communication.

2. Automatic Vehicle Location function based on online/offline digital map locates terminals in real time. Officials can efficiently dispatch and safeguard the frontline staff based on the real need them.

3. Redundancy capacity for key components. 1+1 redundancy microwave IP backbone brings capacity and compatibility for customer's other IP based system.

4. Different kinds of terminals for vertical industries, like mining, oil, sea port, airport.

5. Dispatch workstation offers smart system communication management, which includes individual call, group call and short message. Flexible Group patch and DGNA ensure emergency call for different groups, like firefighting and emergency medical departments.

6. Because of new antenna towers and solid plant rooms, a better coverage and clearer voice communication could be ensured even under the harsh environment.

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