Described as both “the friendliest” and “the best ever” games by Mike Graham, President of the world Police and Fire Games Federation, the World Police Games 2013 in Belfast was a great success by anyone's standards. Proudly, Hytera's products, with local mobile communication dealer Patterson Electronics Ltd, the official two-way radio supplier, are privileged to be a crucial and fundamental part of the prestigious event.


A biennial event for serving police, fire, prison and border security officers, WPFG is the third largest international multi-sport event in the world. Comprising 56 sports held at 41 venues with over 6000 competitors from more than 70 countries, WPFG2013 was the largest sporting event to ever take place in Northern Ireland, needing up to 4000 volunteers to deliver the Games.


The World Police & Fire Games 2013, UK

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PD70X Portable Radio

PD78X Portable Radio

RD96X Repeater

The Solution

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    Together Hytera and Patterson Electronics supplied 300 Hytera PD70X and PD78X DMR hand-held radios along with RD96X portable repeaters for the event of this size. Patterson Electronics also provided comprehensive support before and during the games, including licensing of exclusive channels from Ofcom.

The Benifits

IP67 Highest Level Protect
One of the venues where a large number of the radios were used was the new Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex in Bangor Co Down. It was the location for the swimming events involving 305 Competitors participating in 122 events over a 3 day period.


Hytera DMR hand portables PD70X/PD78X, which are featured with compact design, IP67 rated protection, and superior audio quality, made running and co-coordinating the large number of events a lot easier as our officials had one less thing to worry about when working in close proximity to water.


297 Feet Level Coverage
One of the venues that presented the biggest challenge to the organisers from a communication point of view was the Obel Tower in Belfast. Location for the stair climb, one of the most physically challenging events in the games, the Obel measuring 297 feet is Belfast's highest building and ascending the 28 storey stairwell in full fire fighting clothing and equipment is not for the faint
Due to the physical aspects of the event and the potential requirement for urgent medical assistance, good communications from the sub-basement control point to the finish line in the penthouse was essential. RD96X repeaters were connected to antennas on the 17th and ground floors to provide the necessary coverage.
Aiden Magennis, WPFG2013 Venue Manager for the Obel Tower and Titanic Slipway, was impressed with the service provided by Patterson Electronics and the quality of the equipment supplied. Aiden said: “as a serving fire-fighter I am all too aware of the communications difficulties created by high rise buildings, particularly in basements and stairwells, and the solution exceeded my expectations.”
Hytera's John Whitcomb expressed his pleasure at being associated with the World Police & Fire Games. “We were happy to support Patterson Electronics, our Partner in Northern Ireland and by sponsoring the Games we are able to give something back to the community and help promote a world class event whose legacy will continue into Northern Ireland's future.”
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