Managing Risk in Forestry Areas.Hytera Provides DMR Solution to 4000 Square Kilometers Forest Area in South Korea


Forestry Bureau of Chungcheongbuk-do,
South Korea

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PD78X Portable Radio
MD78X Mobile Radio
Hytera Dispatch System


Located in the center of Korean Peninsula, Chungcheongbuk-do is the only province which has no contact with the sea in South Korea and contains several mountain ranges. With more than 2000 firemen, the forestry bureau of Chungcheongbuk-do is responsible for the fire safety of its precinct, which covers about 4000 square kilometers forest area. The firemen need to do forest guard on the large forest area every day, so a very robust and clear communication system is very essential to help them keep in contact with the control center at the foot of the mountains, especially when emergency strikes.

The Challenge

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    The communication system used in this precinct was the analog dispatching system under the same frequency with analog terminals. Analog mobile radio was installed in the observation center in every divided area, and connected with the dispatcher center by telephone line. The control center at the foot of the mountain kept remote monitor of those dispatching mobile radios and links.

    Since there was no GPS function with their analog portable radio, forest patrol and fireman needed to bring with the GPS terminal together with radio, which brought much inconvenience to their daily patrol guard. And the staff needed to manually switch the channel to the target area when they do cross area support.

The Solution

Considering the limit of the analog communication system, the customer decided to upgrade to digital communication system at the first stage with Hytera dispatch system, DMR terminal PD78X portable radio and MD78X mobile radio. With DMR technology, the customer can enjoy the advanced digital command and dispatch.Besides the superior audio performance and GPS positioning features, the terminals can automatically switch the channel when the crossing-area exercises happen. The customer can realize visualized command and dispatch through Hytera dispatch system.

Later, about 2000 Hytera RD98X DMR repeaters will be installed in the whole precinct area to realize the whole area IP network, and the customer can also flexibly create target area IP network.

The Results

1. Support spectrum compatibility with analog systems, which can efficiently use existing infrastructure equipment and migrate from analog to digital easily.
2. Featured with GPS position and visualized dispatching, the location information can be transferred in time and disaster relief can be more efficiently.
3. Hytera's DMR terminals also bring the user more digital experience, like superior audio performance, double capacity, and system flexibility through simultaneous voice and data application.

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