Cachoeirinha is located in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, with 43 km² and approximately 120 thousands inhabitants. The city is well known for having the headquarters of important national and international companies, earning a high rate of GST(Goods and Services Tax). The city government is largely geared to the welfare of the local society and aimed, therefore, an efficient solution to improve the security of its inhabitants.



Municipal Security of Cachoeirinha, Brazil

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PD78X Portable Radio

MD78X Mobile Radio

Hytera dispatch system

The Challenge

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    Maintaining social stability and safety, fighting against crime, and creating a sound business environment are the primary tasks for the government. Yet the increasing frequency of natural disasters and public

    emergencies puts much more challenges to most municipalities and Cachoeirinha is no different. The situation was critical, and communication was a failure, with obsolete vehicles and a central security system poorly structured. The government wanted to upgrade its analog system and establish a city-wide command and control system with the most advanced wireless IP technology, visualized dispatching technology, and location position technology.

The Solution

Hytera team in Brazil visited the city and drew what would be the best solution for its inhabitants. Then Hytera's DMR digital communication solution with Hytera dispatch system and 32 portable and mobile terminals PD78X/MD78X across the city, was implemented. The Hytera dispatch system was deployed in the monitoring center of public security department, where the coordination team could control the mobile teams. 32 portable and mobile terminals PD78X/MD78X were deployed inside the cars for the communication and dispatching between mobile teams.

The Benifits

The advanced DMR technology helps the government conquer those challenges brought by analog system and provides them with super digital experience.

With digital technology, the signal coverage of the whole city’s communications system has been enlarged with improved audio quality. And the rugged and waterproof portable radio provides no worry to the mobile teams in various emergency situations. Besides, with GPS positioning and visualized dispatching features, the public security department can allocate all the resources more efficiently for a complete city-wide security control.

Together with Hytera DMR communications products, Cachoeirinha secures a more peaceful life for its population, and has become the second safest city in the entire metropolitan area.

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