Shenzhen General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection, with 10 port frontier inspection stations, carry out the task of conducting frontier inspection over the exit and entry passengers as well as their luggage, vehicles and the goods carried; guarding the exit and entry vehicles; maintaining exit and entry order.


With the exit and entry passengers and vehicles increasing, the administration work becomes harder. In order to improve management efficiency, a reliable and efficient wireless communication system supporting the daily inspection process is urgently needed. Digital trunking communication system is listed as their 2011 key security protection work.


Shenzhen General Station of Exit and

Entry Frontier Inspection, China

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Hytera DMR Trunking Pro

DS6210 Trunking Base Station

PD78XG Portable Radio

The Challenge

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    Along with the increasing requirements of command and control, analog conventional communication system has seriously affected daily service work and smooth wireless command in emergency, mainly in the following areas:

    Channel constraints: there are only one to two analog channels per port for all calls, which seriously affect the daily work in high traffic time.

    No data applications: Analog technology does not support transmission of short data and can’t integrate with short data services of existing business platform (such as vehicle inquiry service platform), which severely restricts efficiency improvement.

    Frequent interference: Under analog conventional communication mode, everyone in the same frequency will hear the call no matter he wants or not once a call happens.

    Communication security risks: Under analog conventional communication mode, the call information can be illegally wiretapped by the radio within the same frequency.

    No united command and dispatch: Each port is isolated, and the general station can’t send united instruction to command and dispatch.

The Solution

Hytera provides the customer Hytera DMR Trunking Pro system to set up a united network for commanding & dispatching. The control & exchange center and base stations are set up to provide wide wireless signal coverage for all ports and nearby. All officials are equipped with PD78XG portable radios for communication.

The Benifits


With the same amount of frequency, DMR solutions can support four-group calls at the same time using TDMA technology and all these channels will share dynamically, which guarantees smooth communication.

All IP-connect

With all IP architecture and centralized networking, Hytera solutions realize all base stations in all ports IP-interconnect. No additional link costs.

Various call types

DMR solutions can divide all the users in various groups and independent group call can be realized according to the different requirements.

Efficient information transfer

Hytera solutions provide secondary development interface. DMR system and existing port business platform can be integrated through customization to realize smooth transfer of inspection information between terminals, dispatching work stations and other work platforms among the Shenzhen General Station.

Secure communication

Hytera solutions can realize multiple system encryptions, like Air and terminal to terminal, to avoid illegal eavesdrops, which secure the communication.

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