Hytera TETRA and analog radios provided excellent communications at the 2020 El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt. The new radio solution enabled the event to be properly and efficiently coordinated to ensure the festival ran smoothly and safely.


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Hytera TETRA PT560H
Hytera HYT Analog TC508


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    The El Gouna Film Festival is an annual event, founded in 2017, and is held at El Gouna, a tourist resort on the Red Sea in Egypt. The festival showcases international feature films, documentaries and short films, as well as seeking to promote Arab cinema. It hosts international celebrities and film personalities. The 2020 event held on 23-31 October 2020 is the fourth edition of the festival.
    Radio communications for the event are handled by Hytera dealer Middle East for Trading, a specialist two-way radio communications provider based in Cairo. As well as providing Hytera twoway radios, Middle East for Trading sent its professional technical team of five people to El Gouna to implement the radio system, train the users and to provide technical and maintenance support throughout the festival.


The festival organizers wanted to deliver robust and reliable two-way radio communications for administrative and security staff to ensure the festival ran smoothly and safely and that different groups of radio users could be properly coordinated. They also wanted a solution that would overcome the poor radio signals that had hampered the festival’s organization in previous years.

They requested that the technical team from Middle East for Trading be present throughout the festival, so they could respond quickly to any particular demands or technical issues. They also required on-the-spot availability of radio accessories, spare batteries, earpieces and multi-unit rapid battery chargers. The radios needed to be rugged and robust and able to withstand the hot, dry and dusty environment.


The El Gouna Film Festival organizers chose a Hytera radio solution to be implemented by local Hytera dealer Middle East for Trading. The organizers trusted Middle East for Trading, as the company had previously provided communications solutions for the organizer of GFF at other events and parties.

Middle East for Trading delivered comprehensive technical support throughout the festival to ensure systematic and proper coordination between different talk groups working at the event, thereby helping to ensure the delivery of a successful film festival.

The GFF personnel used a mix of Hytera PT560HC TETRA hand portable radios and Hytera HYT TC-508 analog hand portable terminals. The PT560HC TETRA radios offer IP68 protection against dust and moisture and feature a higher RF output, clear digital audio quality and a long battery life. The HYT TC-508 is compact, lightweight radio with long battery life, which makes it an ideal choice for hospitality and events.


The Hytera radio solution provided by Middle East for Trading delivered high quality audio across the whole festival site and overcame the previous RF issues caused by weak signals that had affected communications in previous years. The presence of specialized engineers from the technical team at the festival ensured any problems were dealt with immediately.

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