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Hytera provided the Philippine Ports Authority with a narrowband and broadband nationwide communication solution, plus fast-deployable emergency back-up communication system, to enable the Port of Manila head office and 25 other ports to communicate more efficiently and reliably via voice, video and data.
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Philippine Ports Authority
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PoC Hytalk System

PDC760 Multi-Mode DMR/LTE Radios

DMR Hand Portable Radios

E-pack-100 Ad Hoc Repeaters

The Background

The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) is a government-owned and controlled agency under the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC). It is responsible for the financing, management and operations of public ports throughout the Philippines, including port construction projects. 
The PPA’s main office is located in the capital city of Manila, which is also the largest port in the country and one of the largest container ports in the world. However, the ability of the PPA to collaborate efficiently both within the main Manila office and with its offices in other ports around the country was being compromised by poor communication systems. 

The Challenge

The PPA needed a reliable private communication system, so it could carry out its day-to-day operations more effectively. It also wanted a reliable backup communication system that could be rapidly deployed during emergency situations.  
Another key requirement was the need to have a reliable communication system within each port capable of supporting both voice and data connectivity via two-way radio and cellular spectrum frequencies. The proposed communication system also had to provide fast and reliable communications within and between 25 PPA offices in different parts of the country. 
The Solution

The Solution

After carefully evaluating the PPA’s requirements, Hytera drew up a comprehensive proposal designed to address all the needs of the customer. Hytera proposed deploying both narrowband and broadband nationwide communication solutions, which enable the PPA to initiate communication from the main office to the 25 ports whether the branch offices use broadband radio or narrowband radio terminals.
The HyTalk platform on which the broadband solution is based delivers rich voice, video and data services. It supports numerous functions including mobility management, call control, resource allocation, real-time location services, along with multimedia dispatch and recording systems. PPA staff can install the HyTalk Client application on Android phones, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios, multi-mode advanced radios, and body worn cameras.
Hytera supplied PDC760 DMR/LTE multi-mode radios, which enable users to communicate over and automatically switch between narrowband and broadband systems. Hytera also supplied a considerable number of DMR hand portable radio terminals and man-portable E-pack 100 ad hoc DMR repeaters to deliver a quick deployable communication system, which will be used for emergency situations. 
This solution is backed up by Wayfarer portable satellites from Hytera’s subsidiary Norsat, which provide fast and reliable satellite acquisition and tracking services. The Wayfarer can be mounted on an emergency vehicular command centre or a mobile broadcast van to provide a mobile broadband communications capability.
The Benefits

The Benefits

Reliable Voice, Video and Data
The HyTalk platform delivers fast and reliable voice, video and multimedia communication services between 25 PPA offices in different parts of the country. 
Flexible Communications Options
The Hytalk system supports flexible communication options using cellular broadband and Wi-Fi.
Fast Deployable Emergency Communications
The DMR hand portable radios, E-pack 100 ad hoc repeaters and Wayfarer satellite terminals provide a rapid deployable communication system to respond to emergency situations.
Cost Effective Wide Area Coverage
By combining broadband PoC solutions with mission critical DMR narrowband radio systems the solution has established nationwide coverage without the need to build expensive infrastructure.
The project represents a major breakthrough in terms of providing a secure, reliable, and robust communication system to multiple branches of the same organization in many different locations. The PPA has a new, cost effective and innovative solution supporting multiple communication technologies, which are having a huge impact on the organization’s efficiency and productivity. 
PPA staff can now communicate much more effectively as the Hytera solution delivers fast, reliable communications via voice, video and data services. This enables personnel to send and receive information and get answers to queries immediately. This makes their work easier and ensures a faster resolution to work related problems and concerns. 
Employees are satisfied with the Hytera solution, because they can now communicate easily both locally and with different PPA offices across the entire Philippines. In addition, the Hytera rapid deployable communication system and the narrowband/broadband capability of the multi-mode terminals enables the PPA to respond quickly even in emergency situations when unexpected things might happen.
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