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When Jordan’s Public Security Directorate needed to modernize and expand its mission critical communications network, Hytera provided a DMR Tier III trunked network, which extended coverage across the whole country, added numerous digital applications, and delivered a simplified and more versatile network management solution.


Jordan Public Security Directorate

Market Segment

Public Safety

Project Time



  • HP78X DMR Portable Radio 
  • HM78X DMR Mobile Radio 
  • DMR Trunking Base Stations
  • DMR Tier III Trunking System
  • PUC 
  • MRPS

The Background

The Jordan Public Security Directorate (PSD) is a public security agency of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which operates under the jurisdiction of the country's Ministry of Interior. PSD plays a critical role in ensuring the public safety and security of Jordanian society.
Jordan is situated in the middle of a very turbulent region, so it faces tremendous challenges in keeping communities safe. It has limited resources and these have been further stretched by the Covid pandemic. Reliable mission critical communications play a vital role in enabling PSD to do its job, but the agency needed to upgrade and modernize its mission critical communications (MCC) infrastructure.

The Challenge

PSD was using outdated equipment and finding it expensive to source replacement parts. The current communications network did not provide sufficient breadth of coverage, especially in remote areas. The network was also unable to support the range of value added services and applications the PSD would like to have.
The situation became even more challenging and difficult after the merging of a number of different organizations into PSD. PSD required a modern communications system capable of providing excellent coverage across the country. It needed to support high capacity and scalability for thousands of users and hundreds of groups simultaneously.
The Solution

The Solution

In 2015, Hytera began implementing a DMR Tier III Trunking solution to cover the whole of Jordan on a phased basis. Currently, the system operates with 4 mobile switching offices (MSOs), around 100 base stations with nearly 700 carriers, and supports over 10,000 portable and mobile radios, and 57 dispatch workstations.
Multiple MSOs are based in the Middle, North, and South regions of the country. Each MSO is in charge of a set of different base stations, and can be interconnected with each other. The system is still expanding.
The DMR solution provides full coverage, including in densely populated urban areas with high traffic demand both indoors and outdoors, rural areas, highways, and remote areas with harsh conditions. The versatile compact outdoor cube base stations offer flexible installation methods, as they can be mounted on walls, poles or vehicles. This versatility plays a key role in delivering the required full coverage.
The latest solution makes efficient use of the available UHF band frequencies to save valuable frequency resources. Complete geographic redundancy and equipment redundancy are ensured for all critical system components.
In addition, the network provides secure communications with system authentication and end-to-end encryption for devices. It can also be seamlessly interconnected with existing TETRA, PSTN, and conventional mode infrastructure to provide interoperable communications between different agencies using other communication networks.

The Benefits

Nationwide Coverage
The latest DMR solution provides service to areas of the country that were never 
covered before. 
Simplified and More Flexible Network Management
It simplifies the management of the MCC infrastructure thanks to Hytera’s state-of-the-art management software, multiple MSOs technology, and VPN structure, which enables different organizations to use the same nationwide 
Cost-effective, Rugged, Resilient network
The solution is cost-effective and the high-quality, rugged DMR radio terminals perform excellently in the field. The architecture of the network ensures there are no bottlenecks or single points of failure that jeopardize the service availability.
Streamlined Workflows for Improved Task Fulfillment
The DMR Tier III Trunking solution has made it a lot simpler to provide critical services to previously challenging areas. It also streamlines the PSD’s workflow and allows them to fulfill their tasks more safely and securely. The system helps the PSD maintain a high level of coordination and cooperation among various agencies and institutions when serving the public.
Multi-agency Response Enabled
The DMR system serves different public security organizations such as traffic police, anti-narcotics police, civil defense, and Gendarmerie Forces. The network has assisted the National Center for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM) to coordinate various agencies and institutions when responding to natural disasters.
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