Indonesia, which consists of tens of thousands of islands, is the world's largest island nation, known as "Thousand Island country”. As capital of the country, Jakarta's main seaport Tanjung Priok serves many ferry connections to different parts of Indonesia. The Indonesia Port Corporations or PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) are state corporations responsible for the governance, regulation, maintenance and operation of ports and harbors in Indonesia. Port of Jakarta is under the

management of Pelindo II.


Jakarta Port, Indonesia

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Hytera DMR Trunking Pro
DS6210 Base Station

Network Management System
Dispatching & Recording System

PD78X Portable Radios
MD78X Mobile Radios

The Challenge

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    Heavy operations: Tanjung Priok, which is the largest seaport in Indonesia, with an annual traffic capacity of around 45 million tons of cargo and 4,000,000 TEU's, provides services to more than 18,000 ships every year. Heavy operation results in the traffic of communication, which requires communication equipments with higher level stability and signal channel.
    Multitudinous operations: Port of Jakarta suffered from heavy port operations from its 20 terminals, such as general cargo, passenger terminal, container terminals and so on. Due to these complex and multitudinous operations, radio communications have to guarantee that each work line calls and receives messages independently among an talking group, and the talking group can be easily divided and then regrouped flexibly if needed.

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    Bad coverage: The existing communication infrastructure was sporadic and under the point to point mode, which couldn't meet long distance communication for its bad coverage.
    Poor radio communication management: Radio communication management at Port usually includes the division of work, providing voice recording and replaying status for monitoring and analyzing, to ensure intensive dispatching and the whole radio network of port can be managed. Pelindo II urgently requested modern radio communication management system for port to increase operating efficiency.

The Solution

In order to address above challenges, PT. MOBILKOM, Hytera valuable partner in Indonesia, delivered Hytera DMR Trunking Pro solution, which includes 60 PD78X DMR portable radios, 40 MD78X mobile radios, 1 base station, 1 mobile switching office and 1 network management system complete. In the first phrase, this single site network is used to cover the port of Jakarta only. With IP based network
design connecting the base station and MSO via IP, the further expansion and upgrade of ports from Pelindo will be more facilitated.


Furthermore, this is the first DMR trunking network to operate in Indonesia. 

The Benefits

Operation in digital
Hytera DMR trunking terminals adopt advanced digital voice coding and channel coding technology, which can better suppress noise and interference, especially at the edge of coverage, achieving better audio quality compared with analog technology. Moreover, Hytera DMR trunking pro technology adopts TDMA two time-slot technology, greatly enhancing spectrum efficiency and system capacity. In all, Hytera DMR Trunking Pro meets the requirement of busy working communication at port with high reliability and efficiency.

Full coverage
Hytera DMR Trunking Pro solution designs an exclusive IP network, which establishes a full coverage between terminals and control center. Full smooth communication signal from a single site not only covers onsite working place, but also connects every vessel, cargo, container, quay and the control room of port, which provides full network coverage for entire Jakarta port at a lower operating cost.

Smart management
Hytera DMR trunking Pro adopts C/S architecture, and can support up to 32 dispatchers to meet the demands for management by different lease groups and multiple dispatchers, which really manage more flexible and efficiently multitudinous operations from busy communication requirement of port and harbor services in Jakarta Port.

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