At Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia), a new digital radio communications system currently being deployed is the latest step in a major programme to bring the company's information technology infrastructure up to date, to meet the air transport demands of a booming region.

The selection of DMR and Hytera came after the airline's team spent one and half a year evaluating various radio options and vendors. “We opted to go for, first of all, an open standard”, Mr Alsaggaf from IT department at Saudia says. “Second, we wanted something that fits the purpose of Saudia and our affairs. Plus, we need something that is cost-efficient and will serve us for the long term, having the capabilities to integrate with our business process and back-end applications.


Saudi Arabian Airlines

Market Segment


Project Time



DS6210 x 8

PD78XG/ MD78XG x 4000

TS-9200 ,Voice Recording System,AVL System

The Solution

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    Through the new radio system, a converged network that securely carries data, voice and video, the radios will serve Saudia's 4 international airports and interconnect with more than 500 Saudi Arabian Airlines offices in 60 countries.

    With over 4000 handhelds, mobiles and base stations plus full indoor coverage solution, it will provide instant communications for companies in the Saudi Arabian Airlines group, their strategic business units and affiliates. Most importantly, it will support staff on the ground in their task of moving passengers, baggage and cargo shipments on to and off Saudia aircraft, and speeding their movement through the terminals.

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    As part of the modernization program, the Bureau wanted to upgrade the communication and incident recording solutions available to customs staff. It wanted to implement a body worn camera (BWC) system to provide daily recordings and real time viewing capabilities.

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    The BWC solution was needed to capture video evidence, so the footage could be used to review incidents. BOC also wanted to deploy BWCs at ports throughout the Philippine archipelago to enhance its monitoring activities.

The Benefits

Hytera offer the full DMR Trunking solution for SAUDIA to upgrade the current analog trunking system with following advantages:

1. Digital system increases the frequency efficiency required by the government and customer.

2. Both indoor and outdoor solutions for the airport coverage.

3. No single point failure solution with redundancy for each core component.

4. Customer integration solution between DMR Trunking system and other communication systems used by the customer.

5. Customization for SAUDIA on the product feature and design.


-Multiple level redundancy design

-Superior audio performance

-Doubling of capacity in existing licensed channels

-Efficient use of infrastructure equipments, longer battery life and greater power efficiency for our handheld terminals

-System flexibility through simultaneous use of TDMA channels and advanced control features

-Backwards spectrum compatibility with legacy systems

-Security of supply through a fully open, well established, widely backed standard

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