The Geneva airport is the second largest airport of Switzerland. With over 11 million passengers every year, the resulting requirements on the mobile communication of employees are very high. Consequently, a continuous and stable communication must be ensured to maintain the effective traffic of passengers and goods. For this reason, we were authorized in 2007 to equip the airport area with our TETRA mobile radio system.

The expansion with redundant components in the year 2009 confirms the uncompromising flexibility of our system. As part of this step, we performed an upgrade of the existing system during ongoing operation.



Geneva Airport, Switzerland

Market Segment


Project Time

2007, expansion in 2009



TETRA mobile radio system


4 DIB-500 base stations

2 DMX-500 switching nodes

NMP-501 Network Management Centre

TRD-430 dispatcher

TVR-500 voice-recording system

The Solution

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    The high traffic volume at the Geneva airport requires a fast, adaptive communication within the ground personnel. Our powerful TETRA mobile radio system ACCESSNET®-T IP guarantees the subscribers a reliable communication over the entire airport area.

    Because of the high customer-specific requirements on the functionality of the group calls, we integrated the object call server. This innovative solution automatically groups radio subscribers into call groups. This automatic function effects a significant increase in efficiency in handling and preparing aero planes.


Highly redundant TETRA mobile radio system, secured mobile radio connection even with a failure of individual locations

Central network monitoring and accounting management from a PC workstation

Object call server for automatic call group creation

Upgrade during ongoing operation

The Results

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