Bursaray is a rapid transit system in the city of Bursa, Marmara Region, Turkey. As the city's only railway network, the Metro in Bursa Turkey, provides the general public with an excellent supply for the local public transport system. On such a long route of 31 Km, a digital radio data transmission system is an essential part to guarantee the smooth operation of the railway. In 2012, Hytera replaced the existing MPT system with the latest TETRA technology.


Metro Bursa, Turkey

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Hytera TETRA Solution

Mobile radio network ACCESSNET-T IP


Customer Demands

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    Not only voice communication between driver and dispatcher but also some essential data service need to be transmitted through by Hytera Mobile radio, including passengers announcement and external train SCADA most-varied of data (e.g. position, status).

    Furthermore, As turnkey supplier, Hytera is in charge of the overall responsibility for integration of the mobile radio system , including connection to the signalling system, tunnel supply and migration.

    Besides, Hytera needs to face below problems:

    · Integration of TETRA system to new control center;

    · Migration of the network and control center during Metro operation;

    · Project management between TETRA system, on board unit, train supplier, end user and integrator in the country.

The Solution

2 redundancy switching nodes and 4 Base station cover 30 Km circle line, with 6 repeaters to ensure the region enjoys an optimum supply underground. 

A total of 76 train radio sets are installed in train radio sub-racks to offer both voice and data service for dispatcher and drivers. 

With 5 workplace dispatching system, operator could make use of a comprehensive range of functions such as, e.g. SDS dispatch or various calls. 


1/ High customized production.

In this project, the Metro trains are provided by two different manufacturers. Hytera TETRA Trainborne has to be adapted to meet different requirements. The system's high degree of flexibility means that smooth operation in the various trains involved is guaranteed.

2/ Primary ( Secondary) link for data transmitting. 

External applications can be easily connected to Hytera mobile radio system. In the Metro Bursa, special train applications also use our mobile radio system to transmit data for signaling, system states when determining positions.

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