Arauco Health Service in Chile, dedicated to being a health care network of excellence, focusing on the people they serve, is inspired by the desire to achieve conditions of greater social justice and equity. It plays a very important part in serving the people in its region and provides timely health care in warm and respectful treatment.


Arauco Health Service, Chile

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RD98X Repeater

PD78XG Portable Radio

MD78X Mobile Radio

The Challenge

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    Arauco Health Service is always pursuing serving best to all the people in its region with the assistance of the health service resource such as doctors, nurses and ambulances. Since all these resources are always in short supply for the community, effective dispatching of these resources becomes every important. 

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    It requires a communication system that can effectively coordinate transportation in ambulances, assistance to people serious, response time, and awareness of the units to optimize resources.

The Solution

Acmetel, Hytera partner in Latin America, understood Arauco Health Service’s demands and provided Hytera DMR digital radio communication solution with GPS system implemented to better manage the use of ambulances and people who come to the sites to provide the necessary assistance to the
As an added value, Hytera DMR digital radio also has the text messaging function that allows users to send information such as address, name of a patient, the status of the unit, etc. The whole monitoring system can be accessed and managed through a computer designed for this service via the SafeSYT software.
Arauco Health Service chose MD78X mobile GPS equipment, portable terminal PD78X and PD78XG for their communication. The mobile terminals were deployed in ambulances with back to-back repeater solution, which enabled the paramedics to communicate freely across the band between VHF and UHF. The ambulance crew had a portable terminal of UHF to extend communication areas in case of some areas didn’t have VHF.
Besides, they still purchased RD98XV repeater to extend the communication coverage of all computers in the systems, which ensured all users to properly communicate.


Acmetel held a demonstration in which Hytera products’ functions, features and benefits were well performanced, which helped customer to see how Hytera could solve their demands and serve more. They believed that the implemented solution of Hytera DMR digital radio communication
with voice, data and GPS in the VHF and UHF would result in providing better health service for their community with better response time. Finally, the customer decided without doubt to choose Hytera’s products which would support them to achieve their communication objectives and transfer to digital equipments in a single step without discarding their analog equipments.

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