The China-Asia Gas Pipeline, the longest natural gas pipeline all over the world, which is from the border of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, through central Uzbekistan and southern Kazakhstan, then enters into China. The total length of the pipeline is more than 10,000 kilometers. Annually stable transfer about 300 billion cubic meters natural gas to China, which is equal to half of China's domestic natural gas production in 2007. China National Petroleum Corporation had invested more than 7 billion USD to construct this pipeline. The pipeline has important strategic significance for Chinese government and economic development.
In order to ensure the project run well, a comprehensive solution was needed, including the GSM solution, the GE compressor solution, video monitor solution, TRS(Trunk Radio System) solution and many other solutions. Hytera took part in this project as the subcontractor of Trunk Radio System


China-Asia Gas Pipeline

Market Segment

Oil & Gas

Project Time



TS-8600 Mini Trunk System

QH-1327 MPT Trunking System

RD98X Repeater

The Challenge

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    As we all know, the working surrounding for the gas pipeline is dangerous, so the user cares about the system safety at most, therefore the explosion-proof IIC class radio is necessary and its output power must be lower than 1W. Also the comprehensive dispatching and management function is in
    need; the detailed customer requirements are as below:
    1 > 95% coverage, > 99% onetime call termination rate.
    2 Interconnection between the TRS with PSTN/PABX: the radio under the vehicle should call to the radio under each Base Station through the voice exchange network.
    3 Can use conventional radios under Trunk system.
    4 Take future expansion into account and be ready to upgrade into Digital era.
    5 Turnkey project, calls for comprehensive engineering capability.
    6 Data application: besides the basic voice dispatching, the SMS and status message function is also needed.

The Solution

After analyzing the technical requirements, we designed the specific solution which includes:
-1 control center
-7 base stations
-3 TS-8600 vehicle mini trunk system
-40 RD98X repeaters
-180 portable radios 
-System management for terminal and dispatchers 
Solution Highlights:
• IP over satellite to realize communication between mini trunk vehicle and fix trunk system.
• Provide outsourcing IIC low power radio, proving system's compatibility.
• Enlarge coverage by adjusting 1 RD98XM to repeater mode under every base station.
• Excellent site planning and product performance helps to achieve 1 time call access.
• Realize TRS connect with PSTN/PABX by 2-time dial up.
• DMRo rientedR D98XMs upportsa nalogs ystemw hilem akesi tp ossiblef orf utureu pgradet od igitals ystem.
Besides providing equipment, Hytera assisted customer in many other aspects:
• System installation/ commissioning.
• Tower purchase/ installation/ frequency application.
• Tailored solutions for customer, like special-size-made MPT base station.
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