China National Offshore Oil Corporation(“CNOOC”) is the largest offshore oil and gas producer in China. The total investment for Hainan fine chemical project of CNOOC Dongfang Petrochemical Company reaches mor than RMB 8 billions. It locates in Dongfang Industrial Park in Hainan Province and covers an area of over 70 hectares.

Constructed near the sa and always connected with inflammable and combustible dust or gas in a hazardoous environment, the project needs a secure, reliable and efficient communications solution to guarantee safer production, flexible dispatching, accurate monitoring, and quick response in management and operation.


CNOOC Dongfang Petrochemical Co., Ltd, China

Market Segment

Oil & Gas

Project Time



PD78X, PD79X , MD78XG , TS-9200 

The Challenge

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    1.Signal coverage: the siganl of the communications system should cover the entire park.

    2.Calling groups: At least 29 calling groups can be divided to meet the independent communication needs, and successful call rate reaches over 95%.

    3.PA system: PA intercom & wireless intercom system can be initiated in case of emergency to realize interoperability between wireless intercom and PA intercom.


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    4.PSTN call: full-duplex voice communications between radio and telephone should be realized.

    5.Voice recording: the system should be able to record all the voice for analysis afterwards.

    6.Fault weakening: the system should have the ability of fault weakening to ensure that the system does not crash in emergencies to realize unified scheduling.

The Solution

Fully understanding the customer needs, Hytera tailored a DMR trunking solution for the project based on Hytera DMR Trunking Pro, including a 4-carrier trunking base station DS-6210 in the control room, Network Management System, Dispathch System and PSTN Inter-connect gateway; using 1 to 3 fiber optical TS-9200 BDAs(Bi-Direction Amplifier) to achieve outdoor blind area coverage and BS coupling to achieve indoor blind area coverage. MD78XG trunking duplex mobile radio realized full-duplex voice communications between radio and telephone. The terminals were PD79X/PD78X intrinsically safe protable radios and headsets for safe and easy operation.


Hytera provides the client a complete solution from system to terminal, reaching more than 98% signal coverage, which not only meets the daily communication needs, but also realizes unified command and dispatch in case of emergency.
-Network modular design easily realizes seamless interoperability between wireless intercom, telephone and PA intercom.
-Multi-level fault weakening function ensures unified command and dispatch in emergency situations.
-Multi-level scheduling feature ensures high-level users have priority for timely dispatching in emergency situations.
-Professional digital anti-explosion terminals provide more secure protection in hazardous environments with explosive gases and combustible dust.
-Anti-explosion accessories liberate hands for easy operation, protecting the staff and the property.

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