Hong Kong Power Company is a large vertically-integrated electricity generation, transmission and distribution company in Hong Kong which serves most of the territory's population. Supply reliability reaches 99.99%, amongst the best in the world, which relies on dedicated staff, resilient power network and effective communication with timely information.

As fast development and demand of smart grid on electricity industry, more and more system information communicating will happen over radio network to facilitate automation applications such as pole mount switch and smart energy meters communications.

Thus, an intelligent radio system is necessary to cater for power system growth to cover 99% Hong Kong area.


HK Power Company, China

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Hytera TETRA Sulution


The Solution

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    After analyzing the customer’s technical requirement, Hytera offers mission-critical ACCESSNET-T IP TETRA radio system to meet the power company’s high-level operation needs that expand higher network capacity and data speeds, enhance operation efficiency and increase better effectiveness.

The whole system includes:

• Up to 20 Base Station DIB-500

• 2 x Switch center

• 2 x Network management system

• 2 x telephone PABX gateway

• 2 x Data recording

• Up to 1000 data modem and 15 data gateway for SCADA system

With following 3-year total turn-key project for establishing a TETRA based Radio System, Hytera will be involved in planning, designing, supplying, delivery of equipment and material to site, installation, testing, commissioning, training, system integration services and long term maintenance.

By remote monitoring distribution power grid, Hytera ACCESSNET-T IP system can help to save manpower, and shorten power recovery time from hours to minutes. The control centre can dispatch the closest unit to respond to urgent needs and the person location system for mobile patrol teams

ensures personnel safety in remote areas. Integrated with the power company’s power grid SCADA/control room, the engineer can now simply send resume signal to the overhead lines’ controller unit to restore the power supply.


Mixed Architecture

8 Base Stations working at Distributed mode for data locally transfer without having to route through the central infrastructure, and the rest Base Stations at Centralized mode.

No single point failure

Full redundancy for Base Station (power, carrier, controller), switch center, NMS, telephone, data recording and link connection.


Benefits of Hytera ACCESSNET-T IP

• Fast locating problem section of overhead line

• Shorten linesmen’s time in fault location

• Efficient fault repair and better crew safety

• TETRA data for SCADA communication

• Remote adjust supply network for fast restoration

• Susceptible to severe weather conditions like typhoons and lightning

• Voice services for maintenance personnel

• Enhanced operations' efficiency so as to serve our customers with better effectiveness

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