Maarjamaa Haridusoleegium was formed by Ministry of Education when they united three special schools into one in 2015. At the same year one of the schools got new school houses and the other one was totally renovated and expanded.

The schools are meant for pupils with special needs either physical or emotional and also for kids who are sent there for their misdeeds by the juvenile committee. Being sent to one of the schools is one of the top level punishments for pupils in Estonian court system. Both of the schools have around 70 students and more than 100 employees and they work 24/7 (24 hours and 7 days per week).


Estonian Special Education Schools

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Hytera Dispatch System

RD62X Repeater

PD50X Portable Radio

X1p Portable Radio


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    All the radios used in the schools are analog ones, and the equipments are outdated, so the schools decided to switch to Hytera PD50X and X1p DMR portable radios to replace all the existing analog equipments.

    Hytera's digital communication system with full feature dispatching solution meets the customer's requirements. GPS positioning function and wider coverage indoor and outdoor of the school are most required. There are many times, when the employees have to chase someone near the schools where there was no coverage of the old analog system.

The Solution

Hytera offered to the customer portable radios X1p and PD50X, DMR repeater RD62X, and Hytera Dispatch software, in addition with wired and wireless headsets.

The local Hytera distributor prepared a solution completely in compliance with the client's demands and also made all the installation work and user training courses for more than 100 users. After the initial setup, the customer purchased some more radios.

PD50X portable radio was selected to the customer along with Hytera Dispatch software. X1p was selected because of the robustness and built in GPS and Bluetooth. Bluetooth enable the customer to add an indoor positioning if needed. As the employees of the schools work under the 24/7 working system, and multi-shifts, each radio enables a group of different user IDs based on the one-day shift agenda.


1. In terms of localized professional after-sales service, Hytera local team showed its remarkable service quality and professionalism compared to the competitors.

2. In terms of the program of replacing the user's analog equipment with digital equipment, Hytera also outperformed the competitor with excellent DMR solution and products, such as Hytera's Smart Dispatch System.

3. Hytera's open DMR digital standard is better than the competitor's closed private digital standard.

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