Hytera's Hytalk Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) platform and terminals have enabled Kazakhstan mining company JSC AK Altynalmas to upgrade its communications system with a digital multimedia solution supporting voice, video and data.


JSC AK Altynalmas, Kazakhstan

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JSC AK Altynalmas is one of the best known gold producers in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It undertakes geological exploration and gold ore extraction using both deep mining and open cast methods. It also carries out smelting and processing operations to produce 'Doré' gold, a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver. Doré gold is then transported to a refinery for further purification.

The company owns nine deposits in the Akbakai region in the Zhambyl area of Kazakhstan, along with the Pustynnoye deposit and the Karyernyi site in the Karaganda area. The company employs 2,000 highly qualified engineers and technicians and deploys more than 60 mining equipment units. It produces approximately 149,000 ounces of gold per year.

The Challenge

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    Some of the gold mines reach depths of 500 meters underground. It is a harsh and difficult environment to operate in and and there is no public communications network coverage available. JSC AK Altynalmas has deployed a company intranet using WiFi. An analogue two-way radio network was also installed, but it can only be used for voice services, so the company wanted a more modern digital solution that could handle data as well.

The Solution

The radios are robust with high ingress protection level, suitable for daily work in the construction environment. The repeater IP-connection and terminal emergency function can inter-connect all the subscribers to protect them from wild animal attack or unexpected situations.

Ace communications, a Hytera dealer in South Africa, supports supervision and commissioning during the project. The fast response during and after the project implementation would greatly satisfy the client.


Future Expansion Possibility

This system can be either moved as the next phase of the construction requires or easily expanded to “Grow” with the length of the Pipeline.

The Results

Under the efforts of local partner TOO Communications Kazakhstan and Hytera team, the intranet WiFi can now meet the demands for a public network supporting the Hytera solution. The mining staff are using Hytera PNC380 and PNC550 PoC devices. The PNC380 adopts the form factor of a compact two-way radio with display screen and full keypad. The PNC550 adopts a cellular smartphone form factor with full 5-inch touchscreen. Both enable PTT group and individual voice calls. Hytera noise cancelling technology enables improved audio to cope with the noisy mining environment.

The devices offer 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi services. Cameras enable live video streaming and the devices support positioning services using GPS, GLONASS, and BDS in combination, together with the assisted GPS technology. The PNC380 is IP67 rated and the PNC550 is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance. Both meet MIL-STD-810G standards for shock, drop and vibration resistance.

The Hytalk dispatch platform enables the command and control centre to be in constant communication with staff via their PoC terminals and to carry out a variety of functions remotely. An orange emergency button on the top of the radio enables staff to send an emergency call to a dispatcher or supervisor in case of an emergency, thus boosting worker safety. Hytalk can be easily adapted to support future large screen terminals thereby providing the customer with a flexible, future-proof solution.

Hytera worked with a local agent to come up with a solution that would provide the company with a multi-media communications network service. It was suggested that Hytera's new Hytalk Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) platform could be used. The server for the PoC platform was implemented using the existing intranet WiFi network.

The prototype was trialled for three months after which JSC AK Altynalmas declared it was “very satisfied” with the performance of the platform and the PoC terminals provided by Hytera. It ordered a PoC platform and more terminals for a large-scale trial. JSC AK Altynalmas plans to continue expanding the capacity of the platform in 2020.


The Hytera PoC solution helps customers to save costs on network construction, improve the efficiency of communications and meet their demands. The Hytalk platform and terminals can be used for a long time and the maintenance cost is very low. Different terminals can be assigned to leaders and employees at different positions to meet different needs. It also greatly improves the communication efficiency between the command center and the front-line staff.

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