Arabian Amines Company (Aminat), a 50/50 joint venture company by ZamilGroup (one of Saudi's largest conglomerate) and Huntsman (a well-known global manufacturer and marketer of commodity and differentiated chemicals), operates a world-scale ethyleneamines facility in Al-Jubail Industrial City, the heart of the petrochemical industry in Saudi Arabia. The plant capacity for the ethyleneamines is 27,215 MTPA. The plant was commissioned on 17th May, 2010 and quality ethyleneamines were obtained on 22nd May, 2010.


Arabian Amines Company (Aminat), KSA

Market Segment

Oil & Gas

Project Time



PD79X EX Portable Radio
MD78XG Mobile Radio
RD98XG Repeater
Hytera Dispatch System

The Challenge

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    The customer was using analog system under simplex mode with six frequencies after its establishment. The customer suffered from poor voice quality, short battery life and poor after-sales service, etc. About one year after Aminat's establishment, HCIS (part of Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) issued new standards and regulations for the communication system of all the industrial project in Saudi Arabia, part of which are:
    1. All handheld must be intrinsically safe;
    2. All the voices calls must be recorded and kept for at least 12 months;
    3. A UPS capable of powering security communications equipment for at least 12 hours.
    Thus Aminat found it necessary and urgent to upgrade the outdated analog system.

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    As part of the modernization program, the Bureau wanted to upgrade the communication and incident recording solutions available to customs staff. It wanted to implement a body worn camera (BWC) system to provide daily recordings and real time viewing capabilities.

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    The BWC solution was needed to capture video evidence, so the footage could be used to review incidents. BOC also wanted to deploy BWCs at ports throughout the Philippine archipelago to enhance its monitoring activities.

The Solution

Hytera, together with its partner Zamiliis, provided a one-stop solution for Aminat: the RD98XS super repeater, the Hytera Dispatch System and Intrinsically Safe DMR portable radio PD79X Ex. Four of the existing six frequencies were chosen for the two RD98XS, and four working groups (security, services, operation and maintenance) with one emergency group were programmed to the terminals according to different users' authority. A dedicated UPS was also provided. Besides the voice recording, Hytera Dispatch System provided with more functions and features than the HCIS requirement. The users wanted to use the new system so urgently, that the DMR terminals worked under direct mode during the installation of the repeater antenna system and later repeater mode. When the infrastructure installation was finished, a smooth migration was achieved.

The Benefits

The digital technology offers crystal clear voice even in very noisy environment in the Aminat plant, and the Intrinsically Safe PD79X Ex with Emergency Button and Man-down feature protects the worker in case of emergencies. All calls are recorded for truth recovery.

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