Hytera's PNC550 PoC terminal has enabled Turkish electricity distributor DEDAŞ to overcome coverage issues, reduce device and service costs, and greatly improve the efficiency of meter readings thanks to a bespoke smart meter reading app.


Dicle Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş (DEDAŞ), Turkey

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Electricity Distribution

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Dicle Electricity Distribution (Dicle Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.), or DEDAŞ, is an electricity distribution system operator in southwestern Turkey. The region it operates in includes the cities of Diyarbakır, where the company is headquartered, and Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Siirt, Şırnak and Batman.

DEDAŞ is the second largest electricity distribution company in Turkey with around 5,500 employees. It serves more than 1.8 million subscribers across an area covering more than 60,000 kilo-square-meters. One of its key tasks is reading the electricity meters of its customers, as well as carrying out electrical maintenance and repairs. 

The Challenge

  • The ability of DEDAŞ field staff to conduct meter readings and undertake repair and maintenance of electricity infrastructure was being hampered by the poor quality of their existing communications products. This was leading to slower and poorer quality services and higher costs. 

    In addition, it was not always easy for staff to conduct inspections and carry out work, as equipment was sometimes hard to access making it difficult to inspect. Sometimes staff had to undertake electricity maintenance operations without first being able to properly assess the state of the equipment they were working on. This increased the chance of accidents and threats to the health and safety of the workforce.

  • Another difficulty was that electricity meters are usually read manually. But if the meter was in a difficult to reach location, it took inspectors longer to take the reading, as well as making it easier to tamper with the data or lose it. A further problem facing personnel was the poor mobile network coverage in places and the fact that coverage in some areas was provided by a different mobile operator, so DEDAŞ staff had problems communicating at times.

    As a result of these issues, DEDAŞ wanted to update its communication devices. It was looking for a durable device with a long battery performance, replaceable battery, and with a high degree of water and dust proofing. The company also wanted to deal with a device manufacturer who had a local office in Turkey. As well as looking at device performance and price, DEDAŞ also wanted to be able to develop bespoke solutions and to be able to access customer service support whenever they needed it.

The Solution

DEDAŞ decided to choose Hytera's PNC550 Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) terminal as the new device for its staff. 

A Hytera solution was chosen partly due to the high level of brand awareness and the company's strong reputation for reliability and robustness of its devices. Hytera also had an office in Turkey, as the customer required, and it was able to offer the right level of service quality and speed of service, as well as having the ability to provide special solutions support when needed.

The PNC550 is a smart PoC Android-based terminal, integrating smart phone and professional PTT functionality with a 5-inch multi-touch screen and 2W high fidelity speaker. The inspectors use a separate electric meter reader to take the meter reading. The data is then automatically transferred via Bluetooth to the meter reader app on the PNC550. 

The PNC550 also supports dual SIM card and dual-standby, so the terminal will seamlessly switch from one mobile operator to another depending on which has the better signal. This helps to increase coverage options for workers in remote areas who may move out of the normal coverage zone of a particular 4G mobile operator.

As per the tender criteria, the PNC550 is highly ruggedised and robust, as it is IP68 rated against dust and water intrusion and its 1.2m drop-proof design ensures it can provide reliable communications at all times. The PNC550 features a 4000mAh removable battery providing communications for longer working hours. The battery can be charged via a desktop charger, USB or multi-unit charger.

The terminal has 13MP rear and 8MP front HD cameras. The ability to share videos in real time with expert engineers back in the office helps overcome some of the difficulties associated with assessing the state of electricity equipment and spotting possible safety issues. Engineers can remotely view the video footage taken by the inspector and provide advice as to whether it is safe to undertake maintenance and repair work or not. This helps to prevent accidents and enhances the safety of the workforce. 

The Benefits

The project is a great example of how Hytera's solutions, quality of service and flexible approach helped the customer solve its problems. The PNC550's dual SIM enables DEDAŞ staff to remain in touch with supervisors and colleagues at all times, as they can switch from one mobile network to another depending on which has the best coverage for where they are working. Without this capability, it would be very difficult for staff to carry out their work efficiently and safely.


Having the smart meter reading application, PTT voice and real time PTT video all on one device enables workers to be more productive and safer, as well as reducing the previously very high operational device service and repair costs. The LITE version of the PNC550  ensures staff focus only on their job and are not distracted by unnecessary programs and applications. Hytera’s solutions enable DEDAŞ staff to work more efficiently, faster and smarter.

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