WAYFARER™ Commercial Drive-Away 1.2m

Norsat's solution for reliable and easy-to-deploy mobile communications. The solid, low weight, and low height reflector mount deploys easily for fast and reliable satellite acquisition and tracking. Whether mounted on an emergency vehicular command center or a mobile broadcast van – count on Norsat's WAYFARER™ drive-away terminals for drive-away broadband-level communications capability. This terminal is ideal for mobile offices, satellite news gathering, broadcasting, governments, first responders, and emergency mobile headquarters.



The WAYFARER Commercial 1.2m Drive-Away antenna is flexible with a wide selection of BUC and LNB options. It is equipped with an easy, one-button auto-acquire feature that can get the satellite terminal up and running under four minutes. The terminal is easy-to-use and fast-to-deploy.



  • 1.2m composite reflectors

  • Ku-band

  • easy, one-button auto-acquire, 4 min max. auto acquisition

  • Secure, low-height vehicle room mount (38cm stowed)

  • Supports DVB-S1, DVB-S2


Reflector Aperture1.2m
Transmit Frequency13.75 - 14.50 GHz
Receive Frequency10.95 - 12.75 GHz
Transmit Gain42.7 + 20lg(f/14.25) dBi
Receive Gain41.6 + 20lg(f/12.5) dBi
Cross Polarization (Axis)35 dB

Rx Isolation

40 dB

Tx Isolation85 dB

Side Lobe

-14 dB (first side lobe)

29 - 25logθ (1°≤θ<20° )

32 - 25logθ (20°≤θ<48° )

-10 dBi (θ≥48° )

Antenna Performance

Tracking Area 

Area Azimuth: ±220°

Elevation: 5° - 90°

Polarization: ±95°

Tracking Speed

Azimuth: 0.01°/S - 3°/S

Elevation: 0.01°/S - 3°/S

Polarization: 1°/S


Stowed Size

1667x1200x363mm (lengthxwidthxheight)

Weight: 70 kg

Power Supply

DC24 10A, AC 110 - 230V 50/60Hz 5A (optional)



Stowed Wind Load

102 km/h

Operational Wind Load

72 km/h

Humidity5 - 95 % 
Protection GradeIP65
Temperature-40° C ~ +55° C 


Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

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