Whether you are coordinating electrical at a large-scale project or directing traffic around the site to keep pedestrians safe, your teams need rugged communications they can rely on, even in the harshest conditions. They need to be heard clearly over the sounds of the construction sites. They need the right applications solution set improves worker safety and productivity, so the right people have the right information to keep the job on schedule.
Contractors and Subcontractors save time and money with radio systems that enable instant group calls, sharing images and video, and provide worker safety protection.

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    Two-Way Radio Solutions for Contractors

    Whether you are a manager looking to communicate with your crew, or a worker running electrical systems in a new building, Hytera has the rugged and reliable radios to help you solve problems, streamline operations, and save money. Hytera provides radio solutions to construction contractors:

    • Commercial and Residential Contractors
    • Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Subcontractors
    • Building Supplies, Concrete, and Materials

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    Hytera Radios are Built for Construction

    Construction businesses demand high-quality and rugged communications equipment that stands up to weather and job site conditions. Hytera radios are built for construction job sites.

    • Rugged MIL-STD compliant for vibration and impact
    • IP55 Rated for moisture and dust protection
    • Noise cancellation for clear audio in loud environments
    • Easy-to-use with one-button push to talk
    • Built-In GPS for dispatching and location tracking

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    Designed for Worker Safety

    Hytera two-way radios provide features that help keep construction workers safe and on the job.

    • One-touch emergency call button and automated alarms for man down and lone worker
    • Radios with integrated GPS help locate the person who has issued the alarm
    • Dispatchers can clear radio channels in an emergency and interrupt existing calls with important emergency information

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    Hytera Push-to-Talk over Cellular

    Hytera Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) provides rich communication services for construction industry including voice, video, data, and unified dispatch. With the Hytera HyTalk application installed on Hytera PoC radios, users can access PTT services through the public networks(3G/4G) and WLAN. 

    Hytera PoC Radio is rugged and easy-to-use. Integral GPS capabilities allows tracking of locations and travel routes with time stamps.

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    Hytera DMR Radios

    Hytera DMR radios can be quickly added to industry-standard DMR radio networks to supplement existing systems with reliable and easy-to-use radio communications. DMR is a Digital Mobile Radio standard supported by major radio manufacturers and deployed on thousands of radio networks with millions of users worldwide.
    Hytera DMR radios can also detect operation on a modern digital or legacy analog network and can automatically switch between the two modes.

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