Mega Event Security Solution

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    Industry Challenge

    Global conferences, sporting events, festivals, high level diplomatic visits and other mega events pose major challenges for security and emergency forces. To keep mega events safe and successful, security control, quickly communication and emergency response are vital elements. Apparently, it is critical for public safety departments setup a comprehensive and efficient security system to fulfill the complicated requirements of event security.

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    Mega Event Security System (MESS) integrates different system and resource together into a unified command and control platform, providing dedicated solution for mission planning, opeartion monitoring, communication, dispatching, and AIoT intergration to handle the security challenges, which is not only saving resources but also significantly improving capabilities of security monitoring and emergency handling.

Core Values

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    All-process Security Mission Design

    The System embeded the security mission workflow and tips involve elements from each stage of the mission.

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    Easy Planning

    The graphical and intelligence plan making tools that provided by mage event security system, making it easy for commanders to rehearsal security plan and control rick before the incident.

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    Easy Resouces Management

    Easy to integrates AIoT systems like indoor positioning system, CCTV systems and others, the mega event security system also support displaying resouce on a GIS map for easy management and access.

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