#LIVE: Frontline in the city


First responders are facing growing public safety challenges every day, and they need reliable radios supporting both legacy PMR voice services and modern broadband applications to respond quickly and effectively to these challenges. 

Let's see how Hytera multi-mode advanced radio with RoIP solution enables public safety personnel to concentrate on the tasks that matter most. 

Traditional narrowband professional mobile radio (PMR) networks often have limited coverage, and they are unable to support rich multimedia broadband communications, which are increasingly in demand by emergency services and mission-critical communications users. 

Hytera multi-mode advanced RoIP-enabled radios fulfill this need. 

Hytera multi-mode advanced radios with RoIP solution enable seamless roaming with auto network switching and multiple-mode access with the same ID. When public safety staff members are outside the narrowband network, they can talk to each other using the public broadband network. RoIP solution provides video services over the broadband network for first responders. Its intuitive operation also makes the response more effective.

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