We’re pleased to invite you to join the online new products launch event, "Empowered Communications, Enhanced Safety". You will witness the debut of new members of Hytera’s H Series DMR two-way radios, as well as body cameras.


  • DMR Radio: Hytera HR65X Compact DMR Repeater, compact & flexible to deploy; Hytera HM6 Series Professional DMR Mobile Two-way Radio, entry-level professional mobile.
  • Body Camera and DEM: Hytera SC580 Smart 4G Body Camera, anti-shake and starlight night vision; new version of Hytera Digital Evidence Management Platform, evidence storage & processing platform.


We are looking forward to introducing to you more details and innovative features of these new products. Please stay tune and discover more.

New Products to Be Released

HR65X Compact DMR Repeater

Hytera HR65X is the new generation compact DMR repeater designed to expand the communication range of your DMR system. Compact and lightweight, the HR65X can be flexibly mounted to the wall or carried in a backpack with tailored accessories. HR65X allows the communication connection anywhere you need. It is a top pick for hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, industrial parks, and more.

HM6 Series Professional DMR Mobile Two-way Radio

HM6 Series, the new generation entry-level professional DMR mobile two-way radio, including HM68X and HM65X, is designed to provide reliable voice and data communication in the vehicle. Thanks to the handheld control head (HHCH), you can install it anywhere in your vehicle. The four piano-style buttons make operations effortless. AI-based noise cancellation ensures superb clear audio. It is born to be your best partner in transportation, business, utilities, and more.

SC580 Smart 4G Body Camera

Hytera SC580 smart 4G body camera captures and streams videos, audio, and photos from the field to the command center over the cellular network or WLAN.  Its thin body comes with a powerful 3,200 mAh battery, which lasts longer than regular work shifts. Leveraging Hytera Hytalk Sight platform and cellular network, it works also as a PoC radio delivering PTT services among the officers and dispatchers. Officers can use the rear camera to make a video call while the front HD camera keeps recording what’s happening in the field.

Digital Evidence Management Platform

Digital Evidence Management (DEM) is designed to collect, store, query, and analyze the evidence such as videos, audio, and photos from docking stations, body cameras, and external evidence sources. Adopting a micro-service architecture, the platform is convenient for users to expand capacity and provide security services for damage recovery. The platform has rich video processing applications such as face recognition, face tracking, voice-to-text, multi-view playback, video and track synchronous playback, etc., and it has modules for organization management, equipment management, case management, and statistical analysis. It can be widely used in public safety, judiciary, emergency response, and security.
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