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In PMR field, voice communication is always a must. No matter when it comes to mountainous area, border area, coastline, forests, etc., voice should be always available with affordable costs. While, it is indeed a question how to deploy the linkage when two sites are far away in complex terrain where traditional wired links such as Ethernet cable, optical fiber, microwave or wireless bridges are difficult deploy.


Hytera E-pack/ E-pole digital wireless ad-hoc repeater is intended to solve this problem. The ad-hoc repeater can function as a repeater to receive and transmit RF signals and it can also function as a mesh node to form a wireless linkage.

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Ad-hoc Repeater Solution Introduction and Function Demonstration

1. Why Does it Need Ad-hoc Repeater? 
2. What is Hytera Ad-hoc Repeater?
3. Where is it Used?
4. Case Sharing
5. Sales Guide for Ad-hoc Repeater Solution
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