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Hytera has released the next generation of digital radio H series and commercial radio AP/BP series. Brand-new DMR terminals integrate the latest advances in hardware and software technology to put ultra-reliable, highly ergonomic radios with greatly enhanced functionality into the hands of critical communications users.


In this webinar, we will introduce the functions of new professional digital radios and commercial digital radios in detail, and demonstrate the features through practical operations, products including HP7 series, HP6 series, AP5 series, BP5 series, HR106X, Dispatch, and MDM.


I believe that through these webinars, everyone will have a new understanding of new products.


The Next Generation DMR radios redefine performance and functionality, and are engineered for the professionals by professionals.

Join us to Discover

Session 1: HP/AP/BP Series Products Introduction and Function Demonstration

1. How Hytera's next generation H series radios help industry users improve safety and efficiency?
2. What about the noise cancellation and howling reduction of the H series radios?
3. How is BT programming for H series radios?
4. What are the functions of Hytera's next generation business radios?

Session 2: HR/Dispatch/MDM Products Introduction and Function Demonstration

1. What are the features of the new repeater HR106X?
2. How to improve repeater site maintainability by web-cps and XNMS?
3. How does Smartone Dispatch support HR106X IP Multi-site management?
4. How to boost configuration and operation efficiency using MDM application?
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