For the challenges of today and the critical needs of tomorrow, we keep creating value for users and partners by introducing more innovations and new products. We are pleased to invite you to join us at the second round of 30th-anniversary new product launch. At the webinar "Empowered Communications, Enhanced Safety", we will unveil our new generation TETRA Portable Radio PT590 and XRugged Smart Device PNC460. Click the button below to register for the webinar!

PT590 TETRA Portable Radio: innovative audio technology, superior communication performance, new UI, high reliability, AI-based noise cancellation, larger coverage, new hardware and software platform.

PNC460 XRugged Smart Device: large HD screen, loud & clear audio, smooth & stable communication, powerful camera, better user-friendliness. 

Come and explore how Hytera technology can help ensure the safety of your personnel and prepare the team for the next critical moment.

PT590 New Generation TETRA Portable Radio

Hytera PT590 is ready for critical missions today and tomorrow with an abundance of hardware and software advantages from superior audio quality to greater communication coverage, from data security to personnel safety, from a long-lasting battery to robust plastic and liquid silicone rubber case. This rugged TETRA radio also ensures incredibly easy operation for your team at the front line thanks to its ergonomic design, intuitive display, one-fits-all Type-C, remote radio management, multi-device collaboration, and voice commands.

PNC460 XRugged Smart Device

Hytera PNC460 is designed to improve efficiency at the workplace. It has both smartphone and Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) radio capabilities; it empowers your team with better connectivity and efficient collaboration. PNC460 is truly ruggedized to brave any harsh environments. Running Android 12, PNC460 allows you to use countless third-party apps as well as your in-house apps. Beyond data-rich services, it also provides different types of PTT calls, from group calls and individual calls to video-based dispatching.
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