INNOVATE for a Safer World

At Hytera,
INNOVATIVE is a mindset, not a tagline.
INNOVATION is a discipline, not a cliché. 
INNOVATE is a continuum of action, not a one-off impulse.

The world is ever more in need of connectivity, especially at critical moments. Hytera takes pride in empowering professionals from business-critical and mission-critical sectors with new features, new products, and new solutions. Together, we are making the world a more efficient and safer place with reliable connectivity of voice, video, and data.

Whether it’s the optimizing of a push-to-talk feature or the architecting of a private communications system from the ground up, we cherish new ideas from our team, partners, and users and turn them into product and solution improvement. Whether it’s for a school bus driver or a police on patrol, we believe every single step in perfecting the technology will deliver an impact in efficient and safe operations.

Commemoration of Growth, Innovation, and Partnership

Hytera lights up Burj Khalifa to introduce its global brand slogan and visual identity to the world.

30 Years of Innovation

Innovation is in the gene of Hytera. Our engineers have been turning bold ideas into successful products. The following are iconic products and milestones of the evolving PMR industry.


World’s first PDT radio

  • As a major contributor to China’s Police Digital Trunking (PDT) standard, Hytera released the first-ever PDT two-way radio in 2010. Featuring crystal audio and data-rich functions, PD780 was widely adopted by police authorities.

X1p, Z1p

Ultra-slim DMR & TETRA radio

  • With a deep understanding of real-life challenges, Hytera engineers packed all the features of digital two-way radio into a surprisingly compact chassis and turned into the iconic X1p and Z1p, ultra-slim DMR and TETRA radio.


First IOP tests

  • Hytera is the first vendor that commercially deployed open standard DMR Tier III trunking systems for the users. Since 2012, Hytera completed multiple IOP tests with 3rd party DMR trunking infrastructure and devices.

TETRA 2 System

  • Compliant with the latest TETRA Release 2 specification including TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS), the DIB R5 base station enables voice-centric TETRA networks with high-performance integrated data applications.


World’s first “ia” level IS radio

  • Constantly pushing the limits, Hytera released the world’s first “ia” level intrinsically safe (IS) radio in the world, providing safer and more reliable communications for workers in hazardous and explosive environments.


World’s first DMR & LTE dual-mode radio

  • Hytera was the first one to envision a “super radio” and turned the idea into the world’s first DMR & LTE dual-mode radio PDC760. This ground-breaking new device introduces a viable path for PMR users to leverage the power of LTE.


SDR Integrated Base Station

  • The integrated Base Station (iBS) is modular, flexible to mount, easy to deploy for both indoor and outdoor operations. The software defined radio (SDR) technology enables iBS to support multiple modes and multiple standards such as DMR and TETRA.


World’s first MCPTT over 5G device

  • 5G XSecure Rugged Device PNC560, the world’s first mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) over 5G device. It offers critical voice calls over 4G & 5G LTE network with super-fast speed and low latency, while delivering all the data features.


World’s first dual-channel ad-hoc repeater

  • E-pack200, the world’s first dual-channel digital wireless ad hoc network (WANET) repeater, is designed to provide on-demand connectivity for two-way radios without relying on pre-existing infrastructures.
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