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Hytera launched a brand new TETRA SMART solution with full TETRA features, it is easy to learn, easy to operate, and easy to maintain with simple architecture. It is suitable for our partners to have a very simple start to operating small-scale projects on their own. 

Besides, Hytera launched the new generation of DMR professional H serials mobile radio HM78X, equipped with new UI interaction, AI-based noise cancellation technology, and remote control head (single or dual), HM78X ensures consistent, reliable, seamless voice and data communications.

In TETRA SMART solution webinar, we will introduce the functions of the TETRA SMART solution in detail. While in the HM78X webinar, we will emphasize new mobile radio’s innovations, and demonstrate its appearance, IP transit, and wireless link characteristics through the practical operation.

Attend the webinars on July 5th and July 7th to learn how Hytera's new TETRA SMART solution and next-generation professional digital mobile radio HM78X are helping you achieve fast and efficient instant communication in critical communications and have your questions answered by our experts.

Join us to Discover

Session 1: Out of the box, All inside—Hytera TETRA SMART Solution

1. New TETRA SMART Solution intro
2. Highlights and benefits of TETRA SMART Solution can bring to the customers
3. Typical Application Scenario

Session 2: HM78X Mobile Radio & Applied Solutions Introduction

1. HM78X Mobile Radio

2. Mobile Radio IP Transit Solution

3. Dual-Repeater Wireless Link Solution

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