Panama Operator to launch DMR Trunking Network Supplied by Hytera


CeComunica, a Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) operator in Panama, will launch in December a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier III trunking network supplied by Hytera, a leading global provider of innovative PMR solutions. This new nationwide network will provide advanced and reliable mission and business critical communications services to a large number of users from sectors such as ports, airports, ground transportations, hospitality, retailing and security companies in Panama.

The DMR Tier III trunking network has been set up with 15 sites of Hytera DS-6210 base station and multiple models of industry-leading digital two-way radios from Hytera DMR portfolio, including PD6, PD7, PD9, X1, MD6, MD7 and its flagship Multi-mode Advanced Radio PDC760 which can provide high quality narrowband voice under DMR protocol and fast data transmission in LTE broadband. To realize the full capability and maximize the productivity, this network can interoperate with other communications systems of different technologies by adopting Hytera SmartOne solution.

“We are excited to supply our DMR trunking system and facilitate CeComunica’s further penetration into the PMR operator business, and we have been looking forward to introducing more cutting-edge products and technologies for Panamanian users to increase productivity and security of their daily operation, as well as unexpected scenarios,” said Fernando Camelo, Regional Director of Hytera.

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